Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quotes To Put In Wedding Invitations

steaming bread paste cd

what to eat for breakfast when we do not eat meat, so bored and cold meats and cheese to us?

Not much I can do without the traditional sandwiches, so healthy alternative pastes are various sorts of vegetables or with legumes such as chickpeas, this or beans. Legumes are a rich source of protein.

very fast paste to the bread will ointment of green peas or beans .

If you use frozen peas, it's already after several minutes of boiling water thrown on him is getting soft. You can then easily crushed to a pulp with a fork and season.
I use my favorite savory, a little salt, lots of freshly ground pepper and good olive oil.

pea green vegetable is so friendly and accessible. It has a lot of good ingredients and deacidifying works on the body.

pasta with beans

proceed with beans like peas, so that before rozgnieceniem it into a paste, you deprive him of his skin.
gives easily do after a slight thawing or after cooking, particularly if you use fresh beans (note: the season coming soon!).

bean provides us in addition to protein, vitamins and minerals are quite a lot of fiber, which is important for taking care of the line, and despite appearances is not quite as calories - cooked beans has only 85 calories in 100 g.

is also recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases - Does not contain cholesterol.


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