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Cruising In Perth Scotland

Mr. ciemnogrodu

"The Death of the Tenth Muse," - Lyrics by Pietrzyk Martin (editor of the portal, which accidentally landed on the pages ; no longer the latest, because in July 2010, but on the other the parties have not so far back in time. Initially I intended to allude to it incidentally in another place, but it seems to me - but it deserves at the dedication of a few more sentences. For the record: I do not somehow specifically discuss the text layer, which indicates its title - although it's all very clever, but perhaps deliberately silly, provocative, partly explains consciously pretentious, decorated with the colorful metaphors and dressed in a form pulpowego manifesto, the style of the article.

hard not to admit that part of the reason of "Death of the Tenth Muse," in which the author coming to the heart of their deliberations by the word - spoiler. I agree. Until I visited, the Web forums did not know the film or the same word or its meaning, the more it I had no idea about his future career. However, I think the problem with the ending, which at any price, do not betray not many (not only) is that it pushes into the background other aspects of the film, but that simply does not allow for full, complete - to treat (the reviewer) of the film, which is usually the end of a key part. Otherwise, a non-editor Pietrzyk look at the reasons for the popularity of this phenomenon (but I'm looking from a different perspective - I do not write reviews of professional only read them), namely the search here is not their only Internet mentality. I know that the subject of the article was not an attempt to justify sites present in the film the way Writing about the film (as well - it is not my intention to criticize them), however, piercing somewhere in this part of the text type of attitude: get what they want is in the context created by the "Death of the Tenth Muse" cynical. Each stick has two ends and the inclusion of this banal truth would surely be imparted to an article by Marcin Pietrzyk. Maybe then the whole ending statement: need to change the mentality of the audience. Do Internet users afford it? I would like to believe it, but I hope no - pachniałoby not so ugly hypocrisy.

But to the point. "Death of the Tenth Muse," Marcin Pietrzyk starts from the rich metaphors contained in the short history of cinema since its birth, by selling to another storage medium, after death. Apart from the inevitable in this situation, the brevity and vagueness, but also - not necessarily the inevitable - a derogation from what textbooks teach problem with this allocution is that it means you get to know what movies - experience it - do not have to endure and share his pick a better, worse, and so what, and especially not now as much as it keeps the editor Pietrzyk. Sam I am still to a generation of viewers, which in some way załapało, for each of the separate stages. So in my cinematic experience (survival) is comprised of both viewed on a big screen for The Empire Strikes Back, television seance "Dirty Harry", viewed from sawn VHS-ki "Missing in Action 3," the German dubbing and pirated teacher, downloaded from network of "Donnie Darko" ... and finally viewed on the big screen, "Incepcja. And despite the fact that towers over the contemporary lyrical entity "Death Tenth Muse," with all its wypasionym ego makes an impression, like it came straight from those Golden Times Cinema, if finest cinemas could compete with the cathedrals suspect in the case of Martin Pietrzyk, it looks like.

But there is no room for nuances. Possible is only one perspective - cinema by giving the body the next storage medium led to his self-destruction: the recipient was transformed into its worst, the most superficial version - the surfer, who just seems they are watching, experiences, experiencing, and it really only includes , the finished film as treating gum. latter, reliable metaphor chewing gum, perhaps the first time in a similar context, appeared in 1953 in Dwight MacDonald's classic text "The theory of mass culture." Writing about the recipient of mass culture MacDonald - like Marcin Pietrzyk more than half a century later - also likened the way of experiencing ( consuming) products of this culture for chewing. The difference was that in MacDonald was guilty, and cheap products and lazy by the recipient. The latter, of course, has not yet had nothing to do with the Internet, the problem was that he had read Hammett, sci-fi novels and superhero comics, and of that went to the cinema, which was already then, according to MacDonald, finished: inevitably tended down towards the cheapness.

next decade has shown, however, that he had not quite right, that thing is a bit more complex, and that the conclusions drawn from kasandryczne creation of such general categories as przeżuwający culture (including - the film) and chewing mass audience lead in the wrong direction. However, this does not change the fact that a similar generalization is based on, diminished (them) and exaltation (myself) to the toughest rhetoric should not be: it is always alive, therefore it is easy for another outstanding me that using the above paths oppose each other - experiencing, they - phy. And then lose hope . Nothing new. The problem was that in this case by comparing the Internet to a goose fattened on poultry farms, is also the editor of Poland's most popular movie portal - addressed to the Internet and existing by virtue of their activity.


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