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Marriage Is A Crazy Thing, dir. Ha Yu (2002)

"Marriage is a Crazy Thing" for the first time I saw in 2006 and since then I can not imagine that this movie an average of once a year did not return. The title here is a bit like a romantic comedy and although the movie Ha Yu as a rule does not count for this species - it really is a romantic comedy. In a complete manner. It's a film simultaneously romantic and cynical, intelligent, witty, never infantile, and at the same completed one of the best scenes that recognize that the cinema has ever seen - and perhaps it is for the satisfaction afforded me the final seconds of the Korean love story back to him so often.

starts normally. Boy meets girl. He and she understood perfectly, in bed, in conversation, talking in bed, but his place in life they see differently. She does not hide from the outset that it primarily interested in stability - accepted and practiced by all formalized a comfortable life: the role of a wife, a well-furnished house, a well-paid husband ... He is not the best candidate for a well-earning husband, not only for financial reasons, not least because this kind of happiness is not interested. Girl comes up eventually for someone else, in the morning will przyrządzała her husband breakfast, then lunch, in the meantime, shopping, swimming club ... But the view of heroes is not finished.

What Ha Yu in the movie surprises in the first place is the way that comes up here to what is social and what is intimate. Without this opposition does not exist no love story, not just outlined - no good love story. A man and woman, together and separately, subject always to some roles, these roles involve the following, but as with everything in common - their number is limited and clearly defined functions. This social order, not intimate, so it is not romantic. At the top of the hierarchy there are the comfort, prestige, good job, good car, things like that ... The strength of "Marriage Is A Crazy Thing" is that its creator and by the attitude of seeing their heroes separating the opposition Social-intimate, evaluates not. What in the smaller and larger whistleblowers social life was (by) accusatory evidence entered into the social relationships mendacity, hypocrisy, conformity, and in this modest film is accepted, and only as such exceeded. Maybe it's because the director is looking here for their heroes in a way similar to that in which they look at each other: with understanding and tender irony. And perhaps because such times, and were followed before a compromise is impossible, now, when far less pressure on conventions and everything like looser - already it is possible to ... Or maybe both. This does not mean again that this compromise is no doubt, it will be difficult, perhaps even fail, but it is worth to try.

It's a very subversive movie, seemingly ambivalent to the bone, talking about adultery lightly, without guilt, at some point proves to be a praise of the same phenomenon, which so easily could become a critic. In one of the last scenes of the movie hero of viewing a photo album and kolekcjonowanymi-made by his mistress to see that they arrange themselves in the history of marriage, which had never been. Or maybe they were in some alternative-its own way. In this beautiful scene mentioned above, the opposition ceases to be the opposition and become one: what is formalized, typically, is stripped of triviality: he and she, in bed, in the kitchen, some laundry hanging on a string, Pictures, which looks to genuine emotion. In this film, even a scene in love and sunset in the background not quite banal.

Its conformism, his nonconformity, ultimately everything is just some form, for which there are people with their weaknesses, as expected. Just grow them attitudes that may never be merely what it appears to be. She - driven by the convenience, it will show a surprisingly brave and stubborn in the pursuit of the guard a loved one. His independence has a lot of fear of liability. Nothing is clear - the cynicism, tenderness, love co-exist side by side, arranged in one mighty whole, nor a foregone conclusion - if you are lucky the two of you can not find neither in the world, nor in his, then maybe you should look where those worlds meet . Somewhere in the middle.

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