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Ear Infection Pus And Blood

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Excellent "Dazed and Confused" (and after our "Dazed and Confused"), Richard Linklater, 1993. Deprived of the foreground character, and even some more clearly the main storyline of the younger generation a collective portrait of the late 70's. Nostalgic, but without idealization, and the ubiquitous fajności slack, but with a very high sensitivity to detail, that time, an era that direction, fashion, attitudes, language, rituals and attitudes - plain and fascinating film, which could let the students of anthropology and sociology, but also very honest, exerting a strong impression with your authenticity universal portrait of youth, which, despite a slightly comedic envelope closer to the magnificent "Last session the film by Peter Bogdanovich than - say - to a John Hughes movie polite or rude Kevin Smith.


"Scraps" (Gummo, 1997), Korine Harmony'ego loud debut. I do not like. Although for the sake of fairness we should admit that this is not a movie so bad as Larry Clark's films, which Korine made scenarios (slightly better for the "kids" and completely grafomański to "Ken Park"). Quite nice and impressive in "Quilt" ostentatiously ugly and ineffective visual side. Also, the text of weapons, especially in those of its parts, which belong to the narrator often squeezed out here with him, something in a strange way beautiful and poetic (as in the opening scene movie). But ultimately it is barren, aiming to nowhere story. Lasts 90 minutes, it could take 40 minutes. Not much it would change, because nothing here is not growing, it is just a string of consecutive images of grotesque decay, pathology, and the ugliness of some of hopelessness, that neither my heat ziębią or because it is difficult to emotion, when the characters exist only as the creator of a band freaks. Poets are damned boring. Korine is boring.


Sensational "Post Mortem" (2010) Pablo Larraina. Two years ago made a big impression on me that the previous film, Chilean director - "Tony Manero" quarterback in the late 70's, minimalist and realistic (which does not always go hand in hand), strong, well-played video on the example of the history of sociopathic a lover of "Saturday Night Fever" was about how evil and immoral perverts political organization (here: the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet), and passes from one order to another, under the skin, in the social and individual mentality. "Post Mortem" is a kind of prequel to "Tony Manero" - decay, which was the background earlier film, including - the striker at the time of the coup and access Pinochet to power in 73 years - begins. And in contrast to the above-mentioned "Scraps" in the eerie allegory of the moral decay Larraina Pablo (decomposition) of a place and a certain humanity is in itself a repulsive truth. Theater troupe.


comments made by "Eyes of Julia" (2010) Guillem Morales. English horror film a la Del Toro, passing the washings la thriller "Wait Until Dark" (1967) Terence Young passing a Brazilian soap opera.

- told me that when he looked in my eyes that saw the entire universe. What if this universe disappear?
- No. It will never happen.

of the cycle: we, whore, you

Zbigniew Banas in the last film of "undefeated" (The Way Back, 2010) Peter Weir: (...) on the screen can be heard in many scenes the dialogue bits in Polish. That's nice. But even the mockery zakrawa the fact that the cast is not acting at all Poles (...)

God, nobility and truth, however, that the international staff and less English in dialogues that will not hurt a whole, although a mockery zakrawa there at the most infantile ending. The rest below acceptable standards did not go down, but as a fan of Peter Weir's work was very disappointed. If Weir did this film 10 years ago it probably would be satisfaction, today it's a little archaic, "too American" and "too stardom" - although well acted - the cinema.


"13 Assassins" (2010). Best Takashi Miike film since the "Graveyard of Honor" in 2002, and also the best - next to "Zatoichi," Kitano - jidai geki created in the last dozen years. Placing the action in his movie at the beginning of the Meiji era, during the decline of the samurai class Miike here is no less nostalgic than they were last Yoji Yamada's trilogy (2002-2006) and Yojiro Takita in 'When the Last Sword is Drawn "(2003). However, unlike most of his contemporary predecessors (to which the order should also include Takashi Koizumi with his "Ame Agar" in 1999, and Hirokazu Koreedę with the best in this group, "Hana" from 2006) Miike rozmemłał not told his story in a lyrical , sentimental, precious necessarily taste the sauce, but made full-bodied film genre: the dynamic, bloody and spectacular, glorifying and deeds belonging to the past heroes in the finals in almost a literal (and, as befits the director's perverse than Convention) umiejscawiający their way in the sphere of myth. Ah, what a beautiful shambles.


"Hobo with a Shotgun" (2011) Jason Eisenera. And this is for a variety niepiękna shambles. "Hobo" has its roots in grindhouse'owych fake trailers, but the full-length movie in his style seems to have more in common with the Japanese chaff like "Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police" than the productions Rodriguez. Very exaggerated, very silly, very violent, and at times genuinely funny (Rutger Hauer recalls pastiche for what he loved, when as a 13-year-old is enjoying the "blank fury, "Phillip Noyce), but I'm increasingly weary of this awesome software shoddy Convention stupid fucking movie horny easygoing addressed to contemporary audiences. Kitsch in abundance is fucking boring.


quote from "David Cronenberg: the body decay, the disintegration of the species," Christopher Pitrus Loski and Andrew, who in turn cite Linda Williams

"sexual relations play in the porn film the same role as the sung and danced in the musical excerpts. The author finds direct similarity both species: Masturbation, for example, may correspond to the number of tańczonemu or śpiewanemu solowemu - like Singin 'in the Rain from the musical of the same name, sex is like the typical heterosexual classic duet, as You Were Meant for Me of Rain Song, oral equivalent variation, while a narcissistic lesbian I Feel Pretty from West Side [...] Story . Enjoy.


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