Friday, March 25, 2011

Retirement Clip Art Funny

Everything Goes (2004)

directed by newcomer Andrew Kotatko little sweet, more bitter, interestingly perverse film based on the American short story writer Raymond Carver (whose work the Australians had reached also on the occasion, "Jindabyne " Ray Lawrence). On its official theatrical premiere is now waiting for a feature film based on the same story, this time American, "starring Will Farrell and Rebecca Hall in the main roles. Until then I recommend this short, to see here. The copy is not very good, but still - it is really worth.

* By the way, except for the first time I meet with a situation in which a poster advertising the film occupies a central place-debutant director. It's a little weird, but I believe that this has any other reasons than just the creator of unchastity.


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