Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lump In Groin After Cardiac Cath

diary. The fourth episode


watched "Clay" Pasikowski. Maybe not everything is perfect, and sometimes feature a theme too naive, Supporting character played badly, and yet another time a scene with a strong emotional coloring unconvincing, smacks of a false note, and such Pasikowski is clearly the biggest problem, although it is a romantic (or perhaps because romantic), but this detail in its entirety - I liked it very much. With all the sensational home movies (which I know) unless no other is so much deserved to be called the Polish neo-noir. Because a "clay" is more like our Vistula "Red Riding" than police series like "Officer" or "reversed." Daily life here is gloomy, winter and autumn, and full of evil, and Commissioner Gajewski with perfectly tired, hard face George Radziwiłowicz is filtered through a typical Polish realities of (post) chandlerowski hero: alone, with your spine, without any illusions. Apart from acting skills Radziwiłowicz made a good impression for me it has traditionally been a very good Jacek Braciak, playing the same character as usual, except that this time his native lightly thrown from Warsaw is the scene of a typical black cinema, and this is one of many in the "clay" of evidence that can be us to do good quality films without pretending that you are someone else and somewhere else, without complexes, without obciachu. Cool.


"Dead Set" and after our "zombie in the house." English miniseries from 2008, but as a very mini, a little over two hours, which finally looks like a solid feature-length story - is still recently, a zombie-movie with a typical story: a group of survivors in one place schroniona surging vs. zombies on each side and their own fear and / or your own stupidity. No chance. More and more are missing in the genre of a boost of energy in the likeness of that which in the first half of the past decade served to Danny Boyle, with Zack Snyder to the company, and railways from the shelf productions increasingly same . After all, the last two films of this kind I have seen, the German "Rammbock" Marvin Kren and just "Dead Set", both pretty good, show that there is still impossible to watch it with some satisfaction, despite the fact that creativity is not sinning.

Had to look for "Dead Set" of the closest relative is undoubtedly would be the original "Dawn of the Dead" from 1978 on as a classic, so here comes to the fore very strongly emphasized the social and satirical overtones. In Romero, the survivors claim it was a shopping center, in "Dead Set" is the house where Big Brother is realized. At first I did not like that idea, too simple and a bit late now - but on the plus that the developers managed to squeeze out of this and a lot of humor and some bitterness and tension in opportunity. Applause at the end I did not beat, but I understand that the whole can be very pleasing, as exemplified by a high note, which won the film on IMDb.


"Swing" by Thomas Lewkowicz. Because I thought it might be more worth the time and watch and the Polish productions that no one anywhere not specifically praised. But not worth it.


"London Boulevard" - the directorial debut of William Monahan really want to be cool and dope, and so it is. The story is ... Classic. The hero, who, after release from prison tries start a peaceful life, but he stands up for environment & bad, demoralized contemporary nostalgic opposed to what is past, the class with some code ... That's what makes the first of the movie Monahan species raisins (a little underrated, I feel) is the concentration of the absurd, which is lined with all the brainchild a reality here and not just gangsterscy representatives. But the absurdity of such a fatalistic, which is not just for fun (although it is large) and is a key element of this rotten today. Well, here is a great soundtrack. Actually everything can be heard in "London Boulevard" sounds better than well, but in my ears for a long stay here to divide the company's title theme Heart Full of Soul The Yardbirds and The Green Fairy group Kasabian. Both great songs Monahan used as a daring (illustrated piece Kasabian scene where Mitchell is coming in the final home Ganta is a masterpiece).

"London Boulevard" by virtue of their Britishness lajtowości and compiled the case with Ritchie's films, and the company, but this movie about some other, classic black roots, and therefore definitely closer to the debut of Monahan paramount "Hours of revenge" by Brian Helgeland than films like "Snatch" and "Layer Cake."


Franco-Belgian horror film "The Pack" (La Meute) Richard Franck. So what if, without their own ideas mixed together outstanding "Calvary" Fabrice Du Welz, excellent "Descent" by Neil Marshall and the beggar, "Frontier (s)" Xavier Gens? It will be a waste of time.


Mexican "We Are What We Are" (Somos lo que hay) Jorge Michel Grau - a completely original horror Cannibalist more festive than combative, so furory among fans of the genre probably will not trigger, but it's solid in every thing. A bit of black humor as carbon black, a bit of social inequality and sexual frustration. If anything a little too little, but I liked it. Small spring freshness.


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