Monday, March 7, 2011

Trichomoniasis Without Intercourse

diary. The second episode


"Bad Family" Aleksi Salmenpery. Another after "Producing Adults" and "A Man's Job" a very good movie the Finnish director. Selmenpera make intelligent cinema moral, with humor (very black as a rule), with unwavering affection for his characters, and with a large dose of ambiguity. Objectively speaking, each of his next film is better than the previous (objectively as and so like most of his uneven debut quite yet), but everyone is consistently becoming more morally provocative. In "Producing Adults" (issued in our recent Mayfly as "Traps adulthood") say that it was still relatively lightly - a young married woman zakochiwała with the reciprocal of his friend. In "A Man's Job" sacked hero wanting to support my family stayed a male prostitute. In last year's "Bad Family" Selmenpera najśmielej ever enters the realm of social taboos. After the wife dies Mikaela (fantastic Ville Virtanen) his teenage son for the first time he meets his sister. Somewhat emotionally crippled father, not quite correctly reading the bond that formed between the young - trying them in an increasingly desperate to allocate, what part he pushes them toward the incestuous feelings. Obvious and brilliant. We would have such a

Salmenperę in our cinema, we would have a revolution. Instead, we have Afghanistan, and as the slogan on the poster: biggest global success of Polish cinema .


"Essential Killing" Emmanuelle Seigner, and Vincent Gallo in a peasant hut in Hawaii. He succeeds Afghan, a Polish woman, and only a little help, they both remain silent. For the rest the same. Gallo as wild game and some naturalistic, evocatively filmed scenes impressive, but the film too much on the service concept - an important topic, which as a whole, not very convincingly.

on a white horse, red blood. Polish survival.


"Train Man" Masanori Murakami - Japanese romantic comedy about geeku zakochującym in a very beautiful woman, played by Miki Nakatani very beautiful. Great cinema it is not. But with all present here melodramatyczności, infantile and unnecessary over-expression in portraying the awkwardness of the main character, can be in this movie, however, quite convincing picture of the withdrawal and shyness: heavy, not pretty (as it usually happens umilaczach).

It recalls the change in the portrait geek (and siblings) that took place in American cinema over the last decade. For example, in a loud John Hughes film "Sixteen Candles" in 1984 the geek, played (very well indeed), Anthony Michael Hall, playing it somewhat literally in the final of his character is listed as: The Geek. And of course, is funny, energetic, likeable (...), but not quite being overgrown / male / serious is presented as no one else, as soon as a teenage clown. The Geek longs for Samantha (movie character played by Molly Ringwald), but the girl whom he eventually won - Caroline, is presented as a kind of a waste after a sufficiently wyrośniętym / male / serious Jake Ryan (yawns), which selects Samantha. Caroline said, after he becomes intoxicated and skompromituje at some event becomes a sufficiently ridiculous / frivolous to The associate it with the geek-nerd . Happy End.

The 90's were not much better in this respect from the 80's. Now it is enough to look at this "Kick-Ass," but also films with Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg, to see that little image in the film geek and his boyish pozmieniało siblings. Now they must win the princess.


"Primal" Josh Reed. Australian horror film from the series where a few teenagers Wild Strawberries ... First up is the original virus which converts one of the characters (the most sexually liberated) in a slightly caricature, but the bloodthirsty beast, then it is hidden in the rocky depths of nature, and assigns a new quality definition 'phallic symbol' original Beast, which will have to face the girl having been a problem with the termination of the word cunt . Sexual undertones present in the work of Reed's enough that, moreover, representatives of five other species. The movie is dumb as a shoe, but made with a certain bravado (final), and strong, but unfortunately not for all the obvious pastiszowym verve - has a b-class, a primitive charm. I liked.


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