Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Can I Adjust My Electrical Outlet


"Music is not only gives us comfort and provide the music. There is something more. You can tell a man by the music they listen to. "

Music is everywhere. Excitement in all causes. At each has an impact. The music is many things puts the mood of euphoria, inspire a positive, relaxed, energy, tends to deeper reflection. According to Wikipedia, music is one of the areas of arts, which affects the human psyche by the sounds. I have to better learn what a human is music moved a little poll. A few people asked the same question: " What music are you? "Here are the results:

" Music is an important part of my life. It is for me a way of distancing herself from the reality on the rest. I can not imagine that one day does not reach for the headphones and start listening to what I love most. "

" relax by giving relaxation, boost energy giving, peace giving comfort, joy in a sad day. "

" Music is primarily a pastime with me almost all day, but sometimes it can be said escape from problems. As I listen to music is a "turn off" and not think about anything. "

" It's hard for me, allowing me to lock myself in my own world, I'm floating, and cut off from reality, forget about the problems that arise with music all my dreams. "

" Music is my detachment from reality, "

" Music .. melody close to heart close to me. "

But the music is not just a melody, which falls in our memory. Music is also how the words and the message they bring along. The words that lead us to reflection and meditation, communicate the values \u200b\u200band emotions.
music co-creates the artist and his voice, which usually makes us wonder. Jerzy Stuhr once sang: "Sing for everyone, a little better or a little worse .." But if someone who mercilessly słuchalibyśmy corrupts our hearing its falsehood? No. That is why people are making music artists having vocal talent. Musicians indulge his passion completely. Such a person is, inter alia, my interlocutor, who agreed to give me an interview. It is the Paulina Lenda.

more information and an interview with Paulina in the near future;)

Thank you to all who participated in poll;)



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