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Co Powoduje Szybka I Bezbolesna Smierc

"Music - the air we breathe,"

Paulina Lenda, the singer who was born in 1993 in Walbrzych. Swidnica inhabitant. Girl endowed with a unique voice. Paulina loves acoustic music and all kinds of music associated with black sounds. It is a double winner of the "Chance for Success." At the final gala XVI "Chance" took the second place by doing a song the band wagon, "Love you too late." Gained the greatest popularity after his performance in the first edition of "Got Talent." Songs in the implementation can be found on CD "Rubicon" and "Cafe Fogg 2". She made guest appearances with Maciej Maleńczukiem on his album "Psychodancing 2". It is also the author of the texts that appear on the album the band Volver "10 stories about love." Recently, Paul sang a cover of the famous Elvis Presley's hit "Fever," which was featured in the comedy "Los numeros. Currently working on her debut album, which will be released in May this year.
What is the music for Pauline? How started your career? These and other questions will find the answer in the interview he agreed to give me.

; feet. Juana Gałuszka

W - wywiadyyy
P - Paulina Lenda

W: Hello. Thank you, that you agreed to devote his time to the interview.

In: When and how did your adventure with music?
Q: adventure with music started as a small child already. Television, radio, CD-parents ... After primary school and first played in front of the class. Then - the house of culture and different scenes.

W: What is your music?
Q: Oxygen.

In: What event in your life was the turning point after which you were sure that the music this is what you want to do?
Q: When I first heard her vocals on the album, recording the first demo in the studio. I just knew that this is IT!

In: What's in music fascinates you most?
Q: most fascinates me is how great the impact has on my life ... As a sound is in a position to radically change my belief, life, my character ...

In: Sam write lyrics. From where do you get your inspiration? Who (or what) inspires you?
Q: Life, life, life ... Although we do not say that I write lyrics, sounds better: I'm trying to write.

W: you worked with many respected artists. What You've earned through this work?
Q: lot of pleasure, it is mainly wszystkim.Ale and experience, obeznania.

In: Many people have your favorite artist, and who is your musical authority?
Q: Poland: Kayah. Rest of the world: there's plenty of artists, but when it comes to my black side, it's certainly my father: Ray Charles, music lover, Lenny Kravitz, Music Aunt Alicia Keys and musical sister: Amy Winehouse. And if you have already mentioned about this recently discovered, the white page: Damien Rice, Damien Rice and again: Damien Rice;)

In: Who you most support in what you do?
Q: Most supporter myself alone ... And right after me - there are people who without knowing me, knowing nothing about me - Believe, trust and decided to be next, to support, without commenting on ...

In: Today in school and working on a debut album. How do we reconcile school with a love for music?
Q: Frankly there is no problem with that ... I think that if someone wants to reconcile science with what he loves is not difficult ...

W: Do you have any other hobbies besides music? (What?)
Q: Once I loved racing , then for a moment horse riding and many other things, but really giving everything, because it is only a complement to the music ... I can not give anything like the music.

; Photo by M. Kuc

W: You are a very mature person. What values \u200b\u200bin life are most important to you?
Q: Recently my mature mature even more ... I skłamałabym, if I had not given the first thought that popped into my head - honest.

W: What are your plans for the near future?
Q: stopped some time to plan ... I just want to enjoy every moment, to sing, meet, love and be loved. So little and so much ...

fragments of material from the debut album by Paulina!

"Music is the most subtle form of communication, it can be stated that no area of \u200b\u200bart does not address or affect the subconscious like music."
; David Crossby


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