Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anne Brooks Petite Warehouse

diary. The third episode


"The Sunset Limited" Tommy Lee Jones, based on Cormac McCarthy art 's and his scenario. Between theater and feature film with a predominance of the former. The two opposed each person: would-be (temporarily?) Suicide and his rescuer White Black ongoing discussion on the Home-duel really important. As befits the pedigree of the actors on stage are playing very well and have to notice a lot of long and intelligent dialogue. Watching it with interest. But again: rustling paper, words have no power here, we have to want. But the two, already irritated by the late 100 years duels, in which another contemporary great pessimist (or a martyr, as in "Hunger" Steve McQueen) is confronted with another priest wielding the Word of God (Black admittedly is not a clergyman, but he knew Christ in person), which certainly does not speak about what is the essence of the duration / life / being as such - which is a vivid, tangible, imperfect, but it only looks for fundamental values \u200b\u200bin what is sacred, celestial ... Well, sorry, with that, today, then I'd give advice.


beautiful Mexican "Leap Year" (Ano bisiesto) Michael Rowe - Golden Camera award at the recent Cannes Film Festival. Initially I had impression that it was just another festival measuring spins already at the starting point of so-called measured. condition of modern man. At some point, however, a fairly typical - it seemed - the movie oe mocjonalnym exhausted converts here in the morally courageous, lyrical story with added sadomasochistycznego view that, in summing up everything that we have previously seen the end prove to have only the poignant, intimate drama of that one particular, not representing anyone but themselves - the heroine.


"Hotel Evil 3" (Fritt vilt III) - the name of director's relevant. I liked the two previous parts of the Norwegian Slasher. Apart from the rather unusual scenery, not grzeszyły originality, but the species is not necessarily a big drawback. They had their own style, had the pace, and above all it was a heroine, very well played by Ingrid Bolso berdal especially in the second part. The third is a prequel and Mrs. berdal at most one can reminisce. Heroes is not here at all, is only a few authors so indifferent teenagers to cut it until it disgusting - even for a slasher. Also, this is a string poorly directed scenes, complete inability to tell, progression-voltage ...

phenomenon of the first two "Screams" which, in the 90's genre reactivated only half consisted of autotematycznym, kinofilskim approach to the subject - which is simultaneously undermining them, and celebrated. In the second half it was just that for those of all twarzyczkami that appeared in a row on - later copied many times - Craven movie posters, but usually something to happen. Niesztampowy Some scratches, some characteristic, attitude, something characteristic, something (not coincidentally Moreover slashery never before, nor ever after had such a good cast.)


"Fair Game" by Doug Liman. Rather średniak, but it was better than I feared it would. In contrast to Paul Greengrass in "Green Zone" Liman not approached the subject of lies the U.S. government on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, with a childlike innocence, so this time all the watches without embarrassment. Moreover, more than ignorance American society advocates here about accidental victims of Bush's aggressive policies (with traces of pathos, but not crazy), and gives quite fresh, and even I would say a dynamic portrait of a socio-politically tense period of the recent history of the United States. Naomi Watts and Sean Penn for the third time together on the screen a little bit of good for film making. But that stem from the same source as the "Fair Game" - "Nothing But the Truth" Roda Luriego, much more interesting.


"Pillars of the Earth." Produced by Ridley and Tonny'ego Scottów eight-part miniseries based on the novel by Ken Follett. The classic tale of historical adventure, and drawing on the tradition of medieval romance novels and adventurous, and quasi-historical thriller with a big conspiracy ... After the first four I was in skowronkach odcinakach. Then the levels decreased slightly, which was probably a consequence of large size of the original: an epic, multi-plot story a bit stuffed here in less than eight hours, while the material be enough for two full seasons. However, obgryzając nails - at the end watched with childlike fun. But this is also one of those stories on receipt of which is very important in what happened in childhood fairy tales gustowało. And a little later.

The film is great acting skills. Not to someone gave an unforgettable performance here, enough that all the major roles enactors (Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne and Hayley Atwell) lightly, without any problems in their forms found.

And starting out another series of action in the Middle Ages - "Camelot" (with a cool Eva Green as Chief of the Wicked, and some acting in the role of Chief amoeba Good King Arthur) to the heels of "pillars of ..." does not grow.

* "Morning Glory" by Roger Michell. From the series: głupotka, but ... But Rachel McAdams, which normally has graceful, custom - Very funny, playing here with such energy, as if there was a cartoon on the plan. Harrison Ford, but for most of the game film starring Clint Eastwood (not the original class).


"tire" Quentin Dupieuxa. I knew that I do not like this movie after all the opening scene, in which director / writer introduces some ten brackets have emphatically stressed that nothing is seriously, it's fun, joke, nonsense that postmodern game. .. Whore like I did not know what to expect when the film whose hero is a murderous car tire. And then it gets worse ... Starting from the idea absurd bravado - that the good work conferred a "tire" fame even before anyone had a chance to see it - made a film Dupieux pretentious (!), Nieśmieszny, boring. No shit.


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