Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Can I Write In A Card For A Gay Wedding

, dir. Akihiko Shiota (1999)

He wants to be her dog
She wants to see him cry
Love hurts

Nice, the conventional story of young love (or a pretty conventional story of young love) takes in a movie Akihiko Shioty roughly 25 minutes. These initial. Takuya and Satsuki go to school together, but also on a course of martial arts kendo ; he likes her, she likes him, within 15 minutes talking about himself, and in the vicinity of 20-this comes between them first approximation. Soon after, she, being alone in his room, opens a drawer i. .. this is a moment in which begins in the "Moonlight Whispers" correct history. I still love, but unconventional, because although teenage love story This species does not often get prolific in the stories dealing with sado-masochistic relation pair of heroes.

debut and is still the best film Akihiko Shioty looks a little bit, like a cross between "Fucking Amal "Lukas Moodysson of" The Piano "by Michael Hanekego, but in reality the Japanese. It's obviously a very arbitrary comparison, but I like them. Story told in" Moonlight Whispers "win is a similar ambiguity, which a few 'moments' between Erica and Walter in the second of the aforementioned films. After discovering the truth about your boyfriend Satsuki rejects him, he would not give up - go for it, which is transformed into a complete mental abuse, humiliation and self-humiliation, cruel ("sick") relationship, which is also the the only form in which the characters feel will be able (and willing) to express themselves fully.

Shiotcie succeeded beautifully in "Moonlight Whispers" is what often determines the strength of the best films whose theme is the relationship of people with some reasons thrown out of the club, in which it is precisely this strangeness is what separates the enforced intimacy, true feelings from the truth convenance, pure lyricism of the ritual.

A - not easy to cross, and often overlooked - problem with the more classically conceived love story, with its more or less typical pair of heroes comes precisely from typicality: the universality, so certain situations, as well as assigned their language. What is the intimate experience of living, personal (if only just because it is perceived as such) as addressed to a number of film is often (not always, a big generalization, of course) until the very multiplicity, as a consequence of the next film love it very very romantic rituals are accompanied by the same gestures, words and romantic poses. The same soap.

"Moonlight Whispers" is also very romantic, so that a little differently than a dinner with wine and candlelight. Separateness relationship pair of heroes and consequently their own making, that nothing in this beautiful film does not impose itself as a "quotation", as the same, acted. Even the nature of their relationship is defined as the sadomasochistic above is not quite what the term is associated with in the first place (the accent is, rather, the emotional sadomasochism than purely physical). Takuya and Satsuki move us so its still very early loss, torn between what is perceived as innocent, and what is defined as the perverse, as well as its poszczególnością: far from all the others, almost to himself.


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