Monday, April 18, 2011

Models Wearing Girdles

Shameless, Season 1 (2011)

American version of the popular British series - and television revelation of this year. Tells the story of a poor, large family of working-class "Shameless" is hidden in their bases a lot of potential, on the one hand - the so-called. involved a story about the life of people of the lowlands of the social, the other - the cut, satirical portret disadvantaged social class (and also the more satirical portret to a particular nation, such as .. "& day"). But it is neither one nor the other. Instead, he is hilarious, very flawed, but often very beautiful paean to the part of all that is imperfect.

shown portraying the reality of the characters and populate it from the bottom, without idealization, but with a load of faults, mediocrity, mediocrity - the creators release them simultaneously from coercion correctness. Betray further problems heroes fiction themes, which in any other, a more traditionally conceived of history would have become a flashpoint for extending more or less emotional struggle (someone close to conceal his sexual orientation, someone else, he is married, someone who betrayed ... someone kidnapped the child), there usually are exceeded extremely rapidly, not because the authors use the abbreviation, but because you gave more characters know about each other's shortcomings-at the same time deprive them of their hypocrisy. Words, that in the last episode of the season series heroine says to her younger sister: life a mess, and people have secrets read in this context, a bit like the motto of the whole.

characteristic that the same episode to end in such death by suicide of one of the supporting characters - the one that perhaps most of all the portraits in "Shameless" committed to socially acceptable ideal. Here lies the highest perversity of the series. Although most descriptions of "Shameless" family hero is defined as dysfunctional, Series creator dysfunkcyjno┼Ťci (or perhaps the basis for it), they seek not to mess Gallagher├│w, but rather on the other side - where nice and tidy: in common - weight of social norms imposed from above, and the requirement of konwenansie attractive at any price, and finally in hiding shame and rejection of all that is ours, and such ugly, and so impure.


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