Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is A Malar Rash Bumps?

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Apart "Dawn of the Dead" in 2004 not a fan of creative Zack Snyder. In his films he can and reaches for a great literary and comic material, but ultimately can not give it character, his own word - other than just the visually striking, which strikes me as very artificiality of cinema, and more ambitious cases ("Watchmen", 2009) also pretentious. Drawn by his own script, "Sucker Punch" proves, moreover, that this is not the story itself, but its image is what currently most interested in Snyder. And paradoxically - even though it is not very good movie - it works for the benefit of the whole. This time, the director at least does not pretend that it is more than Only the drama and impressive images, accompanied by a striking musical setting. "Sucker Punch" is a movie theater camps, except that while blockbuster - appropriately so ugrzecznione. At times a bit nudnawe (action scenes), but the ground that unpretentious. Moreover, not only beautiful, but also does a good acting skills (and vocally ) Emily Browning in the lead role. Escape.


biggest problem with the fourth "screams" that characteristic of this series autothematic, pastiszowa fun - this time a bit prematurely praised by some critics - is told through far too obvious (readable for the broadest possible public) language. It is not enough so the scene where the victim the murderer tries to escape death by admitting that he is gay - before you have to explain a joke, and enter a dialogue in which to emphasize that under the latest rules of slasher, as ever virgins, now gays have the most opportunities. In a similar way a bit spoiled here (surprising, that) the final and crucial for 'four' to highlight the differences between the mentality of today's young generation and the prior two decades. When it comes as to what all the simple rule of thumb is lined sentence by sentence. To be fair to admit that a similar literal can also strike today watched the first "Scream". Except that that formed in 1996 in the film had a freshness, was a novelty, especially in the genre, who represented. Currently, when a similar game conventions characteristic is so often part of the popular cinema, however, could use a little more sophistication and confidence in the ability of viewers to learn from yourself what you can see on the screen. Nevertheless, in spite of the above and a few silly scenes (usually occurs in them, Courtney Cox) 'Scream 4' is quite bearable continuation, not as cool as the second part of the cycle, but decidedly better than, the most serious, the third. Craven has long since lost touch with the modern horror film, but just in this case its work partly on the deficiencies plus, adding to total slightly oldskulowy atmosphere - that would not quite say on the spot in the film, which plays an important role as the citation of production 15 years ago.


Good News. On the Blue Tongue Films there is information that is shown in Cannes The most recent short film Nash Edgerton - "Bear" as a follow up (!) the fate of the hero "Spider" in 2007. It is true that somewhere here before the Spider linkowaƂem, but ... Let's relive.


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