Friday, April 8, 2011

Play Squash In Docklands

"Somewhere," Sofia Coppola. Yesterday I watched it again. Only such a beautiful film about being together in the same place and time - with an accent and on time and on time. The latter ends in "Somewhere" or tolerable or intolerable, according to which all film is divided, or even intertwined with two types of scenes. Those emphasizing the loneliness-star hero, how wonderful extended scene characterization, and those that illustrate the unconstrained, the natural proximity of his relationship with his daughter. Sometimes these scenes are arranged in their order in their opposites: Johnny Marco trashy show, first seen two strippers dancing in the pipe-twins, and is perhaps the saddest striptease ever filmed, and a moment later, in a three minute, one of the prettiest parts of the film - his daughter dancing on ice. Sometimes, as when Cleo accompanied his father in his professional visit to Italy - the sensitivity of the latter stages (where the time goes slightly) passes to the first (if hard expires), making them - so because of the presence and looks girls - znośniejszymi. .. Actually, much of it was already in "Lost in Translation", but there the relationship between a pair of single characters, male and female, were also lined with some romantic tension, flirtation. In "Somewhere" in a different, perfectly innocent, clean layout is just beautiful, boring proximity.


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