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Flesh and Blood, dir. Paul Verhoeven (1985) Moonlight Whispers

1501 years. Led by the charismatic Martin group of mercenaries, betrayed by its recent employer Mansion Arnolfiniego , during a raid his retinue accidentally kidnaps the young bride's son Arnolfiniego - Steven, Agnes ...

first film, which Paul Verhoeven realized in the U.S. and at the same time one of his best. Looked impressive, even today, uncompromising - and ultimately the freshness - with which the director came up to the chosen topic. "Flesh and blood", despite a quarter-century the neck is still one of the few not at all (large) Hollywood films, which so far departs from the powieĊ›ciowo-romantic and attractive vision of the Middle Ages. It is naturalistic, and bluntly, with plenty of sex, rot, filth, primitivism, superstition, inequality and immorality.

This makes the film not quite accurately writes often, as a realistic attempt to portray the Middle Ages. What makes a big difference - in the "body and blood" rather reigns however understood naturalism than realism. At the same time there is not an end in itself but a means to revive and revitalize the traditional strong point of departure in his adventurously-adventure story, and now especially the heroes who are entering into certain archetypes eventually turn out to be rude enough to dye and to do not go outside.

At the first meeting of Steven and Agnes are both classic as a knight and a princess classic (in a sense, moreover, are so to the end). But the meeting takes place under a tree on the branches of which dangle two hanged corpse, and talk about the mandrake roots growing below relate to both the alleged afrodyzjakowych properties of the plant as its origin (in the Middle Ages it was believed that the mandrake is formed from the seed of a hanged man). A romantic exchange of views ends with a kiss heroes, filmed from a distance far enough to the staff there were also hanged corpses rotting.

Although the aforementioned scene has its place somewhere around the thirtieth minute - is a very good introduction to the proper action film, and everything will be fought soon after, when what is clean and the unclean thing shall not be separated from each other, but woven into the his unembarrassed an order in which each of the three characters will be characterized by early perspective from each other at all ambiguity.

The latter may be most striking in the case of girls, superbly played by a young Jennifer Jason Jeigh. Agnes is in the same way as innocent lewd, is also a bitch and princess torn in their feelings between Steven and Martin, which, moreover, will say at some point, they are like the same person - so that younger and older. A duel with the woman, as in the classic romance, is in the "body and blood of the" essence of the action. In the duel, however, the key will not fight between good and evil, but more and more like the heroes approaching the 'good' for this 'evil'. In a more traditional story told this would be pessimistic - Steven would become angry. In the "body and blood" - in the medieval background of shares constituting a brothel - only takes character, becomes a man. And not only does not lose anything with the sympathy that inspires, but still it gets.

When Martin companions after the seizure of the fortress and the accidental murder of her owners in a manner accept vulgarized recent roles, the hosts of noble birth - another depicting a scene reminiscent of unambiguously medieval carnival, which was a similar reversal of roles the essence of fun. But the concept of carnival lies perhaps the key to the whole movie. "Flesh and Blood" looks a bit like a narrated by a storyteller bezpruderyjnego medieval romance for adults: equally immoral and graceful, with no distinctions between what is high and every low, vulgar and refined.


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