Friday, May 27, 2011

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The Room, dir. Tommy Wiseau (2003)

"The Room" is an example in every respect a very bad movie, only popular due to its ułomnościom . Evil cult film. It is loud now, and for a year or two, will be even louder, just as the host more often on the lists of the worst films of recent years (decades, ever ...) video Wiseau doing more and more career. There is a growing number of fans to him, but the world cinemas that show it at least once a month. You could buy a shirt with the image enactors lead role, or play a computer game created under it, and uploaded to youtube video fragments date back to tens of thousands of hits ...

main attraction of "The Room" is its director, producer, screenwriter and impersonator Tommy Wiseau central role. His completed without a gram of talent and discipline any narcissistic film was conceived as a melodrama about betrayal, and proved to be unintentionally hilarious in its ineptitude act of self-embarrassment. Viewing it as moonshine irritable fourteen nestling to the pillow (the camera) and the dreamer's waking dream of its beauty, nobility, and underestimation by heartless people. And how everything will be sad when it runs out ...

Wiseau in his film is a loving partner, a loyal friend, caregiver, worker - as each of them is betrayed, but also as each of them is equally convincing as a child pretending to be an adult (no exaggeration in this comparison). Of merge your character with the biggest stereotypes can not up to laugh at the same time not forgetting that the game, but the creative antytalentem shown in all other respects. In "The Room" until everything is surprisingly awkward, bad, from the title, the acting, dialogue, directing, scenery ... After I finished movie took on notoriety Wiseau slowly began to argue that the whole has been conceived as a black comedy. Thus, the unwanted, forced as he assumed the role of rail, in which no one believed the role of jester.

laughed often watching the movie. But I have a problem with it, something that makes it difficult to write about him settle for a promise of fun. The key to the phenomenon of "The Room" is its author: in contrast to the other very bad - but doomed to quick oblivion - movies, laughing, that there are not aimed at something, but for someone. Somewhere in all this emerging around the shell entertaining bad movies converted to the rather distasteful freak show. A Wiseau Tommy becomes the source of the same joy that provides viewers appearing in programs such as 'have talent' loser, who turns only to have a talent in his own opinion. So inept as to be grotesque. Cult.


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