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O "Twentynine Palms" Bruno Dumont. With nostalgia.

"Twentynine Palms" I saw in February 2005. At home. I do not remember what made this movie after I reached. Certainly not the person the director, which I had no idea. Maybe the poster can do - the case, but maybe somewhere I obiło ears (eyes) that this movie is very controversial and tempted. In any event, sitting for the session did not quite know what to expect, so probably the greater surprise was it eventually. To this day, is only known to me the movie, which is still afraid to return, and which I consider to be outstanding at the same time.

Two heroes, David and Katia travel by the California wilderness. Lots of riding, a little talk, argue, have sex - often depicted in a way which definitely closer to determine the approximate copulation than love. There are a couple, so it is kind of closeness between them, but it is very imperfect agreement. Frequent quarrels long seem to be the fault of the girl, alternately tender and irritating, a "difficult", although sometimes it is found that difficult, because wronged, fleeing before the memory of something bad, what must happen to her earlier. This will be explained, but not entirely: the act of violence, which will meet the heroes of this thing will repeat. Except that now the victim is not a girl, but her partner, which in turn will lead to a shocking finale that makes you look at all that previously shown otherwise. Seen in the earlier announcement of bad attitudes and trivial dialogues. But also in the journey the characters representing the background of the desert, overwhelming, and in some sense, even absorbing them, as in the extraordinary scene of the pictures above, when the naked, tanning on the rocks, David and Katia almost make impression that these rocks were part of it. Although

"Twentynine Palms" has nothing to do with the cinema genre, actually due to a single scene (and everything it carries behind him) is sometimes classified as a horror movie. Dumont himself calls his film an experimental horror film. What can always be obvious to me - if only subconsciously, I do not necessarily have to think about it - film (and fictional) terror was used to tame fear, przetrawiania, but by no means to convince that evil is real. Film Dumont went outside this invisible feature parentheses, nothing became familiar with. It was not the first of that shelf, I have seen, but it was the first of the shelves so convincing. He was like a trip to Conrad's heart of darkness, but not written in beautiful prose. The naked version. With evil, which does not philosophise about themselves, and simply is, the original and definitely closer than the African jungle, or the California desert.

After watching the film, at night, I listened a long time, "Self-Help Serenade," the debut (and it seems only) boards of the American indie-rock band Marjorie Fair, very ... nice, nice - what was my mature counterpart to hide under the covers. And what is the only result is that coming back to this - not necessarily pretty - plates, to this day I can hear in her first film Dumont and anxiety after watching. And the eyes are images of the American wilderness, a roadside hotel ... and Katia, so unfairly, judged superficially at first.

After some time - not right away - I realized that "Twentynine Palms" is one of those films that does not like very much. Of which if you've written / said is usually in the style that the director has no talent, manipulator that "the shock of strength." And besides, that is, nothing happens. In July the same year I went to my first New Horizons, the last taking place in Cieszyn. The repertoire was a lot of different reasons, "shocking" films ("A Hole in the heart of" Lukas Moodysson, "The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael," Thomas Clay, "The Wayward Cloud," Tsai Ming Ling, "Calvary" Fabrice Du Welz .. .), and complaining about too extreme cinema could be heard among the audience even more than the standard, the annual cinema complaining about boredom. Sometimes it led to as much fun exaggeration: remember large group of spectators who came out of the "Los Muertos" Linsandra Alonso, after the hero of the film - living in primitive conditions somewhere in the Argentine outback - he killed a goat.

Before overheard one of the sessions, as one of the viewers of the row next to your friend telling "Twentynine Palms" (which was shown in competition nowohoryzontowym year earlier). He spoke just as the bad guy, having nothing to offer video, which masks its nothing drastic final. I remember that was annoying and he used the phrase "psychology for the masses. "Nevertheless, when passed to the end - forgetting his earlier, mocking tone - quite seriously said that for the first time in my life watching a movie, he had the impression that he saw in him the devil.


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