Monday, May 16, 2011

Will Klonopin Hurt A Dog?

Once, long ago there were no tomatoes in winter, strawberries in March, and cabbage on the table appeared only at the end of May.
waited for her longing for something fresh and green.

Mama always did it the same way:
Young cabbage

1 large head cabbage, 1 tablespoon lard
or oil 1 tsp cumin
2 onions, 1 tablespoon flour
salt, pepper,
lemon juice.

purified from cabbage leaves unsightly upper, wash and coarsely shred.
finely chopped onion in a deep pan fry in fat, add to the sauerkraut, caraway seeds and pour several tablespoons of water. Simmer, covered, until softened.

Young cabbage quickly loses its volume, so the large head of fresh cut is really little. Make

spread a little water and add to the suffocating with cabbage. Hold a minute over low heat, season with salt and pepper and lemon juice.

At the end of the cooking can evaporate excess water without a lid.

way of cooking cabbage today by my mom a little reformed:
- I do not use lard, but only 1 tablespoon of oil to the onions,
- not watering the cabbage water,
- do I add flour,
- I add lemon juice and cabbage at the beginning, so as not to lose a nice color.

cabbage soul just for a few minutes, stirring vigorously at a fairly high heat without water, and so after quite a lot of wilderness posoleniu juice.

Yes cabbage braised short is beautifully green and slightly crunchy.

For those who do not like caraway seeds (apparently there are some people:)) - well suited to cabbage fresh dill.


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