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How Many Customers To Expect In A Gym

127 hours, dir. Danny Boyle (2010)

"127 hours" I like it very, although not without reservations, it is some unevenness in the film, not so well realized as the "Slumdog Millionaire." Slumdog Millionaire ". Dynamic, music form, although there is justified by the story goes, at some point too far: how about the movie too little separation finally here, emptiness and horror of the situation and too much formal performances. But even taking this into account, and often hostile mind in our adoption of Boyle's previous film, still surprised that it happens very critical treatment of the "127 hours" by some viewers and critics that his najdobitniejszy - in my opinion - the word was in reviews Michael Oleszczyk, according to which Boyle's film grows into a cynical, immoral manipulation of morality.

"problem," Boyle - especially in the latest stage of his work - is being too optimistic about a big movie that tells its too przebojowo (and modern). For this is a very respected director in the West to ignore it (the mechanism of "How Do I understand these raptures," do not play in the case of "127 hours" of such a large role, along with "Slumdog Millionaire" is not without significance, however, seems to me that the review of that mention is made of two Oscars - including video calling oscarowo sacred ). Boyle did not arouse major controversy among the critics when it was him in his slightly earlier, in a sense extreme movies - in the great "28 days later" (although here they regretted that ... humanistic values \u200b\u200bexpressed praise too literally naively) and later "Towards sun ', whose heroes met the "devil" in the universe, and yet ultimately saved humanity. In "Slumdogu" British director, however, already talked about more realistic than zombies, and the distant universe - India, and although referring to the conventions of Bollywood film did (brilliantly charming outstanding) less naive than all Bollywood productions of the past decade together, it remains the creator (the suspect because) from the outside, which was not acceptable to the criticism of the country's moral concern with the place here puts the sign of equality between przebojowością and naivete, entertainment and cynicism (etc.). Because as someone you know at one time he wrote: characters dance and India are burning ...

In the case of "127 hours" is the same. Too close to what the real / authentic, in a very revolutionary form. Michael Oleszczyk negative opinion is largely based on the recognition of the film Boyle hochsztaplerski banal morality play it harder to accept that, in its basis, using a real event.

Sam I am far from seeing "127 hours" as a morality play. Reads it as another incorrect in their optimism boylową affirmation of modern man / modern, or maybe just - today (tempting me to write a man superficial, but in the context of the allegations may be a bad read.) Story told by a sufficiently of today. Affirmation - because it is a film about a man facing victorious from a seemingly hopeless battle with nature (as compared to the "buried" Rodrigo Cortes "127 hours" is in my view much more closely related to "Operation Dawn," Herzog, but a topic for another time). Incorrect - as told in expressing the character too impressive, easy, cheap poetic (as in "Slumdogu", only that there was also incorrect potęgowana by that "foreignness" director, as well as goal hero of the film, and so - Win money in the populist, TV show, too substantive thinking, it does not associate well). Corresponding to the above the hero of "127 hours" is both separate and joint: Aron Ralston is and is representative of a group. In the first minutes of the film to split into three parts, the screen shows a crowd of people gathered Boyle on different spaces. When the next scene, Aaron enters his apartment looks like it came straight from the're shooting before, crowded street, as if it were randomly selected from the crowd was the director (or if he chose himself).

In so conceived as a (single and multiple) is obviously a plakatowość (on posters advertising the film Aron looks like a mythical hero) exterior, but finding the writer Michael Oleszczyk that Arona know about as much as a osiłkach of Tyc spots h [the Alpinus advertising or north face'a ] here is exaggerated. Like the treatment of the film, as a naive morality, as completely misguided, I have particularly crucial in this context, the statement: suggestion, Aron allegedly paid in rock switches for their sins, is morally repugnant, because it attaches to the measurement of human melodrama authentic human nightmare. Aron ejecting the neglect of the relationship with relatives (in a sense - isolation from them) and obwiniający myself for a situation in which he already is not a lesson of life made in Danny Boyle, but (not taken from anegdotki sensational front page news , on the autobiographical book of Aron Ralston), the ghostly image of man trap, which was (also) by his own recklessness - the conscious man approaching the end.

"127 hours" is built on the characteristic survivalowym scheme, whereby one entity (the entity) is placed in a dire situation, and something from the apparent (usually shows that people are divided into egoists and altruistów). In this kind of cinema no longer trivial and outdated rule in the affirmative, that at the end of the movie hero is someone other than the beginning of working with particular force. In this sense, one may assume - or even should be - that Aron has changed, that the rock had forced him to rethink something in your life. Ok. But without exaggeration. To critics (!) Would change Aron, Danny Boyle too liked his character in order to induce him to do so. Aron first reaction after the removal of the hand, and liberation is the same as his earlier response after falling from a bicycle: happily (!) takes a picture. Although the scale of the two situations comparable in both cases it looks the same: how to register your steadfastness, victory. In the latter case - over the rock.

Similarly critical, based on the twin assumptions that a review of Michael Oleszczyk review Peter Plucinski pen. U Oleszczyk suggestion, Aron allegedly paid in rock switches for their sins nevertheless only suggestion if only in name. In this Plucinski have something more - it's the only truth that comes from the movie: wicked and morally hypocritical, which consequently makes Danny Boyle - the set up here with a slightly psychotic hero series "Saw" - director-sadist, which were, he pushed Arona to the rock canyon and the urge was beaten hand of stone. To teach him a lesson.

author cited the review, after they have been presented in the film flashbacks ( hero did not receive a phone call from his mother and concerned for his girlfriend failed ) held for alleged (apparently according to Boyle-sadist) proof that he did not find Aron a in a deserted canyon without reason ends his text as follows: The most interesting topic remains undeveloped. Where uciekłyby our thoughts in a similar situation? Where to escape the thought of Aron, as he settles in your life? Boyle's sadistic theater that we can not say too much subordinated to the thesis. sadistic theater will not tell , but I say: think Arona flee to his mother, from whom did not receive the phone, the girl he abandoned, to his sister's wedding which does not appear, the individual memories of childhood; to the place which could be, if not for the accident; the breast pretty girl, to his own reckless bravado, that makes no one will see where to find him; a bottle of water, the cheesy Chinese knife ... I know, not quite definitive.


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