Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cutting Of Choridar Pagama

Jindabyne, dir. Ray Lawrence (2006)

The river is a very long, long way away. And there are no bad men here ...

In his fiction the film derives from Ray Lawrence, Raymond Carver short story "So Much Water So Close to Home" has already been used in the cinema in an outstanding film by Robert Altman, "The shortcuts, "where as one of many stories Carver served as a rag, full of bitter irony, for example a pessimistic portrait of the modern (or rather - at that time) of America. In" Jindabyne "the action is transferred to a small Australian town, and described in that story, the event - several men during a trip to fish in the river is the body of a young woman, which, however, is not inclined to interrupt their leave (their only reaction is the attachment of the girl to a tree Branch) - is not an image odhumanizowanych critical behavior, and is the starting point for a far more complicated, layered history. "Jindabyne" being very thrilling unconventional thriller about a crime at the same time, and dense emotional drama from niewypowiadanych attitudes, and the movie portrays an example of social co-existing side by side two communities with uneven and problematic status of history (the victim is not an anonymous girl, but young AborygenkÄ… .) Above all, however, and in fact the result - it is a film about modern Australia, which may be the most important element, though not expressed explicitly, the hidden - and in my opinion, the key for the cinema from the Antipodes (from "Picnic at Hanging Rock" Weir after "Animal Kingdom" Michoda) - is the image of the unpredictable nature as being continuously active, still dangerously penetrating and interfering in an apparently stable world only the people who inhabit it.


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