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'dance - the life and passion'

DANCE. For some, it's just entertainment, and move your body to the beat. For others, a passion for life. Each of us dancing, and this at various events, and it's just your favorite music. However, there are people for which the dance is life. DANCERS dance for him to work on himself, over his own body, perfect technique and emotional self-extracting and viewing them as people. My interlocutor is Zaneta Majcher 21-year old talented dancer with Lancut. Participated in the 2nd edition of the dance program, You Can Dance - Just Dance, which opened its doors to a great career and broaden their skills. Zane also starred in the video for the band Pin on "unloved", conducted workshops all over Poland, she did choreography for the championship Polish and dance shows. She has participated in programs in Verona to the Northern School of Dance in Leeds Contemproary where, since September began teaching. He is currently studying and on weekends is a lecturer in modern jazz. Dancer agreed to be interviewed about her "dance" of life in which she told, inter alia, about his greatest successes, dance and autorytetach.

In - Wywiadyyy
Ż - Zaneta Majcher

In: Thanks that you agreed to the interview:)

In: When and how did your adventure with dance?
from dance accompanied me since childhood. Hearing the music smile appeared on my face, and I was a little girl leaping and dancing as soon as I could. With only five years my grandmother took me to class with rhythm, where I went just a few weeks. Then jako10-year-old changed my school, and when it was a dance band - Greece, so there are enrolled. "Grazie," enabled me to develop, closer contact with the dance, audience and stage.

In: What are you dancing?
from dance for me "almost" everything, because in addition to dance, of course, it is also important personal life. The heavy and difficult times, and they journey to an every man, I'm going to leave the meeting and there sorrows, "throw" from each other all the bad feelings. This brings me relief.

W: What makes you the biggest dance of joy?
from The most beautiful thing is that through dance I shrug, happy, deeply touched people's hearts and make the people cry .. it gives me great joy and satisfaction.

In: Biggest success to date?
from One of my biggest successes: In 2008, Vice-winning Polish Championships (solo adults), 2009 - Final 10-weaves the YCD and 2010 to get into the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. With every success I am very proud and happy they gave me the strength to continue the work that they should be even more.

W: Do you have any patterns, authorities from the world of dance?
from Yes. The largest patterns are for me: Barry Kizior, Brice Mousset, Jonathan and Derek Mitchell huor. They have great charisma, despite his fame remained normal people. Some choreographers who took part in the YCD much had changed, and Barry Kizior remained the same. For it is the most important dance, technique, and what a dancer is in the middle, rather than clothing and lans. Jonathan huor is such a thing in itself, that during his dancing can not not cry .. has an incredible technique and a wonderful person. Derek Mitchell is a choreographer in the Broadway Dance Center has worked with various celebrities. He does amazing choreography very tough and physical, helps dancers understand "what dance, how to do it, find their own style and in their dancing. From him I heard the most beautiful sentence, unless they can hear and the dancer will not forget him for life ...

W: Do you have any other hobbies besides dancing? (What?)
from Watching movies. I like most dramas are real and produce in me the greatest excitement. My favorite movie is Pearl Harbor.

W: What is your biggest dream? Some embraced the goals for which you seek?
from In the world of dance plans to change from day to day, so it's hard to plan anything. For now studying in England, I intend to complete this year, and which later will see a lot ...

In: Life motto that pushes you forward?
from I have no life motto ... if I have bad day or I lack the motivation to turn on Your iPod workout take your favorite song and it gives me strength. I have many favorite songs, but lately the warm-up prior to the classroom listening to a song Madcon - Begin, this is not free modernowy or jazz, but it gives me strength and energy.

W: What are your plans for the near future?
from reach such a level of dance, to be happy with myself.

In: Thank you and wish you every success in the field of dance.

"In life, many things can you hang Æ , but not dance."

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