Friday, February 25, 2011

Dune Buggy Unblocked Gams

pilot episode "The Silent House, dir. Gustavo Hernandez (2010)

The Uruguayan horror, realized in a daring approach (although it can also be concluded that at least two - after the end credits there is a few minutes sequence) is in its excellent first half. Actual time shares, a step the camera waive the heroine of "imprisoned" in a hostile, but not przestylizowanej scene of a large foreign home, natural lighting, used audio flawlessly - everything here is ideal for supporting at the induction of the cycle: someone (something?) is in the same place as me at any time may appear behind me and make me something very bad . Appearing in the vicinity of the twenty-minute scene starting competent horror (Classic - noises on the floor, someone checks the source, someone is, wait ...) is one of the best such scenes that the genre has ever seen (the more moving than the Australian straszÄ…cym "Lake Mungo, "Joel Anderson, and the neuter "Paranormal Activity 2" Tod Williams began to suspect that become resistant to this kind of terrors - none of these things: this time not cared without the lights and the cries of a dog). If only

Gustavo Hernandez has consistently adhered to the natural his horror movie would be great. Unfortunately, the closer to the finals all the more disappoint. Of course, in the horror film in which tension is built through what is present and the unknown - the culmination of an explanatory inevitably always a little disappointing, and this kind of hunger is playing a role here, but the filmmaker still intensifies disappointed by the so-called final. An unexpected turn of events. In this case - a trick recently used in a genre so often that seeing him again really hard to not yawn metaphorically (the first part of the movie also does not have too many narrative originality, but there the fear is so original and perfectly natural that there this is the least important). After all, the whole is definitely worth seeing - for what is initially, and for innovative, artistically fulfilled form.

And some dygresyjnie. I remember the first carried out in one shot film I've seen. Several years ago, in nowohoryzontowym competition - Colombian "PVC-1" Spiros Stathoulopoulosa. Curious film in which absolutely everything has failed, however, had a serious and current themes: based on a true event, talked about the Colombian terrorism (nothing that, when turned on the grotesque), which made me noticed and was honored at several film festivals ( . at Cannes). "The Silent House" on such laurels probably not count, but the "PVC-1" is the real "Godfather" of one shot.


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