Friday, May 30, 2008

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Vox Populi

And so the decision was made and the necessary changes.

Voting Begins pointed to the unequivocal conclusion of voting, but the last few hours brought many surprises. Supporters of the collapsing posts gave of himself to know and in this way until the last moment it was not possible to assess the outcome. When the excitement reached its zenith and I ended up with friends, which could poison the force web site, the voting is finished. Results are as follows:

How do you think the system should look like blinkin blog?
retractable, like the previous posts - 7 votes (46%);
full, as the last post - 8 votes (53%).

Thank you all for your participation and invite you to the inaugural Evening Post has already announced a series. In the meantime I

I go for the inauguration of the bathing season, which, for technical reasons, was suspended from 11 January. Do I get out of the damn bathroom for a week ...


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