Monday, May 26, 2008

Driclor Without Prescription

Poll pre-election silence

In view of the many controversies, I decided to trust and carry out the Vox Populi poll.

discussed will be the look of your blog. For several days posts on the main page of your blog can be seen only as the first paragraph. To read more, go to the post page by clicking show all or title of the blog. Previously, all were visible at once, without having to click on, which meant that the whole blog had to scroll to get to the end. Inability to decide has led me to vote you, faithful readers. For comparison, this post will remain in the old style and the rest are curled. Inserts a picture yet to provide a complete picture of each option

And finally, one more thing. At the bottom of the blog you will find a newly formed department - Film Week. You can find more interesting movies caught by me or by friends podesłane (you have an idea-write). Do not promise to update regularly every week but certainly something powrzucam.

So - time to start voting. The survey is on the right side of the mountain.


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