Saturday, May 24, 2008

Difference Between Coit And Stanley Steemer

motorized two-wheelers are so many had not yet seen.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the II International Rally Night Riders IPA - Poland. The event took place in Tuszyn. One may ask, what editors of this blog has to do with cars. Well, I explain the following. Team Drive Away bluesrockowy rally performed during his show, and because the guys I know, in principle, from the beginning play the current team (and several previous ones) we cooperate in the effort to protect the sound of the band and so I became an acoustician.

trip to Tuszyn began to corrupt the elevator in the building, from which we took the equipment. This proved the beginning of a bad run but more on that in a moment. At the place we arrived before 19:00, the team entered at 20:00 so it was a bit of time for a beer and pork barbecue (rewelacja!). We managed to find a sound engineer and then I saw this marvel:
equipment was not end of an efficient and, as it turned out, in practice, it was hard for him to get a decent sound. But before they got to toy had the pleasure of admiring the OSP Tuszyn brass band, dancing, scantily clad teenage girls (need to stay warm, poor), and enjoy the said neck, drinking heavily diluted Okocim. Lots of enthusiasm roused hot air balloon, but that was three or four flights at a height of 5 feet tied with a cost:

Had a surreptitious popular party? Once you've rolled up the balloon, we proceeded testing. And then I fell into despair because there was no best. Several cuts later, we came to a local sound engineer with such a compromise. The guys played. And here again is upomniało fate. Tom (guitar) broke a string. This is the first such situation in team history, but Julek (vocals) from bravely accompanying rhythm section (Leon and Rysiek) entertained the audience with a beautifully bravura performance of works of Czeslaw Niemen. A new string formed, we play on. And what? Another burst. In total, four at the time of the first set and stocks began to shrink dramatically. Fortunately, the four ended but the first part of the show suffered heavily. Then break, beer, cigarettes and broken bench, back to the second Seth. Light color correction settings, bass amp and drum mics amplifying the sound quality greatly improved its entirety and then you can concentrate on the music. Improved sound, a short break and the strings gave niepękające pretty good effect. The crowd eventually left in peace grilled wonders, and cups of beer and started to play music. Heart (and legs) captivated listeners, "This last Sunday - the last song of the evening. The crowd went crazy.

team left a good impression and was invited to the rally of the year. After rolling up the equipment we were a moment to listen to another band - Band Cheap.

back to the boat passed peacefully. Just leave the equipment and you can go for a beer. It just was not the broken elevator ...

sorry for the quantity and quality of the photos, but it was enough to get my Samsung L760.


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