Thursday, December 2, 2010

Suburban Dynaline 3 Electric Consumption

The whole bit vague, wandering in a park, something not too serious emotional conflict in the middle, and we get to a port where you just arriving at a small Russian cruiser. Felbaktatok the bridge where the captain is pleased to accept, navy leather or latex, I do not know what kind of material is uniform, and says that the shower just now, I feel like if I go quietly and lemutatott a door, that we should go. I went in, but I found inside a room, complete with a table in front of a guy trying to teach something to and observed the sitting, concentration buried people. I went there I asked one of them:

- This is now what? Navigational skills?
- No, it's mechanics.

They looked after better. I spotted one side of a függőajtót lengedezni, thought to be in the shower, but then the instructor, an officer called out something, do not go to a shower, because if the captain sees strangers in the ship, then kill them off and sent direct to megölhessen because enjoy the delights in this, but here is a secret door and this Pass, and then pointed to a small 40x30's something on the wall, I began to fiercely scraped, and showed that there hungarocellből. Átfurakodtam it myself with great difficulty, when it appeared the captain - but he could not kill me now because I've crossed - but only something weaker applied to retaliate, because the next picture was so far left behind by others and we gázosítva bekábultan wandering in the park more, like a bunch of zombies. Then there was a

felmászva statue next to an elderly aunt who was a lot of people are bystanders. From there, he preached that, while not willing to clean and leaves söprögetni the park until you get a better than a broom the shit that you rázogatott over his head with rage, the mob exclaimed a man, what is right. So I went out and I stumbled hőbörgés bekómázva continue, then we hit a vaskerítésnek and who also decided, as he cleared it. I had then got up somewhat further, but a large framework of the vaskerítésből pulled my legs, because beleakadtam. Then he lit a fire under my feet somehow the járóköveken, so far unexplained circumstances, and as he jumped to "Au, au, au!" involuntarily pulled myself to the ripped kerítésvasakat. It saw there and bounce, the result of air movement sweeping the leaves out all the dust, as the heavy metal lifeg the leg.

Silence, hatásszünet the öregnyanya gülledt eyes looking at the story, then elrikoltja himself that he needs no broom, but such a vaskeretbisz-Basrah, as the leg is blocked and will not widen until he and his takarítóbrigád each will not be able to be a member. Then the cheers erupted again and again in a few high flying beanie.

sudden change. What happened? The Moricz Zsigmond Circle metróépítkezés place where I find myself, a huge 10-storey high windmill is made from traditional wood, it stands for yet another 4-tram terminus is in place. The workers from outside the rope climb up the giant blades, but what I see, there is a 150-pound foie work is ruined, what is he doing? Grabs the rope with one hand, on the other hand is tied to a hawk and dove, the two releases, which are beautifully maintained hold on the rope. Sólyomról removes the eye, and then vérszemet gets up and begins to flap its wings to catch the pigeons, when it pulled up a fat pig. I'll wake up one morning and disbelief ismerősömnél telling him that I have not seen so much bullshit, have heard something about this sztoriól? And he:

- I know, I usually eat in the morning doves.


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