Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zopiclone Suicidal Thoughts

I do not know where I come from, but I know where I am. Kelenföld városközpontnál disgustingly jellegtelenül moslékzöld pushing a bike, while the voices in my head saying that honor, even one of these I'll never find, because the first big company versenycangagyártó (CAT even if I remember the brand, although this part is unstable, the point is to have around. so surreal like a random page of random book I picked up a series of random would be a word) of a first type I in my hand. Végigmustráltam ráültem all sides, rolled with him, and during the morfondíroztam, what color paint, and what you replace it, it does not fall apart under me, and beautiful. At that moment, I noticed a cycle ride in the Porsche brand winter coat, which otherwise looks just like my brother's coat. I looked quickly ran to it's now a dream, or reality, and as it turned out not to dream (hihi;), the weights rádobtam unidentified black luxury that he had pulled strings for me and now after a rádiótávirányítós shrunk the size of cars that do not blow your a wind jacket back to the long bringámért. Meanwhile, the father of a daughter coming cangával loholtam cycle ride from the back so the hunter-gatherer lifestyle portékákért found not to meglovasítsák.

Do you know how valuable a Porsche jacket? If you do not, then at least I knew, measured in gold price, so i wanted faster progress in order not to come back and returned to the owner ... I went to some strange hill, with towering walls on one side of the block of flats, on the other side of the 2-3 m wide dirt road with a 5-10 foot vertical wall was down and it could be seen find the location of the jacket. I stood at the top of the hill right across from me in a concrete block of flats was the entrance to the left, looking down, you see that is higher than me and a bunch of guys have a more formal, team reverberate. Nabaszki, they are sure to come kabátért and Recall of the act of me is sure they will conclude, this is a split mind. Cibálni myself quickly began to put on a coat, but very bénáztam him because it took only 2-3 minutes of what was here and I have not Ipsen to eltekerni I did not know the place, but the jacket did not even know normally included. Asking

one guy grupból:
- ... - I do not remember this.
- ... - Not in my reply, but none of them was not relevant, but the tension is not resolved.
- So we do not go in? - He asks.
- Where?
- A flat. - Show and tell the guy behind me, then I remembered that we are in an apartment door.
- why would we be now? - I ask.
- You do not rent to watch you from?
- No, no. - I say.
- What does. Anyway, look, and if you do not like it, then at least a good shit guys.
- Okay. - Then I went, because she was done. Tolo

off the bike down the hill, not because I wanted to flee suspiciously disappear, while the regions discussed later infest all kinds of junkies, a girl (blond) rikoltva laughing in my face while artikulálatlanul flail, while inadvertently sees a different one. Turbósítót szedhetett something. The other (black-) belassulva turn around, as we sat back and sends his girlfriend to fuck a careless, not to push me mán shit. This röhögve still said to the blonde chick rikoltó me
- Now that I like Rebekah?
- Who is Rebecca? - I ask back. This starts the show off the girl toward whom you have just hit me, black hair, black skirt tűzbordó rózsamintás topban it, I guess this is called gótlolinak, and except that in addition, he is just in another world, seemed pretty good girl. However, when it reached a slow, knowing that it is frowned and looked at me so badly, like a withered evil witch. That was my answer is succinct:
- Not much.
- So you do not want a bowl of hot goulash soup? - Asks a blonde girl, now I just smile, such a maternity ösztönszikrákkal respect.
- But, it is very demanded. - You look down upon the earth is filled with walnuts and poppy seeds which stuck. I show them, then I start to laugh.
- This is the goulash?
- Not only are nuts and poppy seeds stuck to them.
- interesting are preparing goulash, we can not so I wont ... - While still staring at the nuts and laugh. Rebecca also took the hint, and he began to laugh. The blond girl looked at me very sharp and therefore very quickly stopped laughing.
- Just kidding. Soon

exposes me to the plate, and then said:
- to ask for sour cream? - I thought it was something that I'm going to eat potato soup. - Ja No, sorry, félrenéztem.
- the golden galuskából But I ask, is it? - Asks the blonde chick.
- Yes, definitely. Thank you very much.


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