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'Radio - theater of the imagination. "

ever wondered how you look like the work of radio journalist ? What it is his responsibility? Who is he? Which way you should go to him to be? Everyone at least once a day is in contact with the radio. Radio accompanies us on our way to school, work, at home. But the law no one wonders about who is on the other side, who gives us the latest news and who arranged hits and new music are entertaining for us the day. This interview presents the core values \u200b\u200bof journalism and the history of how the ordinary man can become a journalist radio.
my caller on the radio and journalism, not only is a 22 year old Michael Oleksak from Giżycko known to his listeners as Michael Oleksy Oleksiak. A former employee of Planet FM station. Working in radio has gained experience and knowledge, which has agreed to share with me.

Wywiadyyy : Hello. Thanks that you agreed to be interviewed.
Michael Oleksiak : I'm glad.

In : How did your adventure with the radio?
M : Many times as a child I listened to the radio at night. Pillow, with its big old radio in it sounds that in my imagination made up of images.
By which, of course, a lot of times I overslept for school. But just then came to life in words: radio - theater of the imagination. Raised in a culture of the theater had much to do. And he seemed even more magical and amazing. Well, how else to understand the perspective of a child a box - and turn it says, the game.
As for normal radio in which I worked in then loving it in one girl. She loved to be in my voice. For me there was some unique, but for her soothing, affectionate. A lot of times she said that, I can listen and above all inspire speaking positively. At the same time
EuroZet Group won the competition for the frequency in my town - 107 fm. After rumors that have circulated in the local forums. I found the information that is organized the meeting at which it is presented to the same radio station. What exactly do you want to do in the city ..? to talk about ..? I went, but unfortunately I did not hear specifics. Several days after the meeting, a friend of mine who practices took place in one of giżyckich hotel told me that every day he sees people in the editorial WAMA-y. I printed CV, not to mention the opportunity to come to the microphone in hand, and come to the aid in their work. Much to my surprise. I stopped and put my CV that I said I wanted to work with the state. For now I am a learner but I will be happy to help. I went out, and after a few hours. I got a call asking if I'd been able to do a street poll. He immediately replied that he would willingly try. He passed week after week, summer, autumn winter. Year after year. Until I finished high school and I was on the radio every day, even several times a day. As my voice is not recorded my interview. And that was leading the night's program. From initial concept to the entire play list in my performance. Even before my final exams debated the Company's CEO Dariusz WA-MA in the Warmia and Mazury, about my employment. After written maturach, came the most awaited moment. The normal daily work in the editorial. Not as a collaborator of radio and finally as a journalist.
No matter was too far, it the same feeling. Pick up the plane and the almost magical when you connect with thousands of listeners.

W: How do you remember your first time on the air? How do I look? What did you feel?
M: It was a street survey, flew in the afternoon news. Veda sitting at home, nervously looked at his watch. To finally hear
his voice in the ether. It was nice and friendly feeling, I know it sounds grotesque, but colloquially speaking at that moment a huge positive energy inside me freed. Energy for even more work.

In: What's your work fascinates you most?
M: magic - because of the speed of light, thousands of people hear me.
pace - no time for unnecessary thinking.
Jobs Jobs - in most of ourselves, the light pen - "simple but not coarse, clear voice, excellent diction and accent, and probably a little work with his own psyche, as every journalist has a better and worse these days when I do not want to do, but when you have the humor to d. .. The microphone in hand, then, and people. A few minutes - and at once a better sense of humor and a huge influx of positive energy.
Music, Music Music - the daily contact with the music ...
Energy, Euphoria, Adrenaline - sitting in a small room, a second, third monitor. Text, headphone and microphone in front of you. I know this - that they hear thousands. Those who hate you, you where you are indifferent and those who love you.

W: Do you have a his 'journalistic' authority?
M: Yes I have many of them. From the readers of TV serialowych, films, until the other journalists
love Cuba Provincial programs, the voice of Christine Czubówny, Tomasz Knapik, Stanislaw Olejniczak ...
Everybody do their job with passion, their voice reaches million people in Poland.

In: What is the responsibility of radio journalist?
M: Informing listeners about what surrounds them, the facts that have already occurred, but also about what might happen, with no distortion to speak of the that surrounds us. But also broaden the horizons of students and sometimes amuse reality the prosaic details of which are ridiculous.

In: What features should be a good journalist?
M: should be:
- curious - curious about everything around him and more ...
- impartial - all treated with the same respect and understand the problem, a situation from multiple perspectives
- to be a man - have feelings and be able to be at the right moment to express
- regardless of the earnings benefits of editorial detail, and meticulously carry out their work. Thus, we work all the time together and apart from news, to give her something back to the editing myself.
- be loyal to his own company
Journalism is not a simple work from 8 to 16 This 24-hour mission.

W: As a journalist, you were able to talk with many interesting people who that was?
M: For nearly four years of cooperation with the local branch of Planet FM was the "interesting" people of very many. From the example of Boris Szyc, Patrycja Markowska, after the star Polish hip-hop min. Waldemar Kasta OSTR, Tede. Until the stars of a season such as Feel. But anyway the most important and interesting man, an ordinary student. The stars say that you can have an incredible life. Not always, come to a small percentage similar to ours.
And this example of everyday life is not repaid loans, bills, and the response of ordinary people like yourself someone else with that advised and went out of debt. We are more interesting than, say, a new briefs Dody.

W: You've committed a gaffe on the air sometime?
M: And it is not one. I'm only human. The most common sins in my breathing was not regular, which formed tongue and jam.

In: How do you change the job?
M: have gained - Life experience, which can not be compared with anything. Anyone who has not worked in the media, or working. I understand. I learned a lot about people. Their behavior, how much you can smile to rob someone with ideas and energy. It is said that: constructive opinion, no matter positive or negative - it builds. But here I discovered that an opinion but a person having some experience in this field. And it sucked from a finger current rule student. slogans thrown on TV with colloquial "rat race" and the constant struggle for money. I experienced this firsthand. I stress I have learned a lot about people, about to have eyes in the back of the head 24 hours a day.

In: you advised a person thinking of taking up this profession?
M: If you are not ready to dedicate this work at 120% is not even try. Or is all love and will be like a drug or hate and it will be for you no pleasure, and even anguish.

In: What are you thinking about in the near future?
M: continue to do what gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. Radio Radio Radio. Grow, learn in this direction.
Jewels make the most experience. But and remember that mistakes do not make them again. I primarily to move forward.

W: I wish professional and personal success.
M: I'm glad .

"If you want to have the voice you can not drink or smoke anything for Mr PA if you have anything you can vote on P. "
                                                                   Tomasz Knapik

If after reading the interview you liked or did not express the opinion in his commentary. This will be my information or what I do is good and makes sense, and what mistakes not to make next time. ;)





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