Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Does Holly Willoughby Do Her Hair?

Today's dream, as far as I remember it began to dream, I wake up, look out the window, and the apocalyptic cloud tower over Buda, tuba alakulófélben a few here and there, but some have already started the tornado destruction. Welcomed, because I thought, then allowed to sleep more quietly, because you certainly do not expect that such a good time to go to work. Visszazuhantam dream the dream.

Next: Like the look Among Friends (not in the habit lately, so I do not know where it came from the inspiration). Ré.Károly celebrity lies gyúrópadon one, his head resting against a Wall Bars, hesitantly, kóvályogva, red eyes look into the camera, and thus reads: "Oh my God, never to tear into, this is very bad, I can not move the végtagjaimat, the muscles that are hot, I feel like I'll explode , help! Someone segííítsen Maár! megmozdulniiii I can not! "

Cut again Ré.Károly (medium length hair, which is already partly fall) pajamas artikulálatlanul roars, it flashes, sometimes sardonic emoticons can be taken, some bearing his blond wife, the two kislányukra (also blonde, pajamas, and they have also, since it is already night, the hair color does not matter after all, they are completely fictitious players I think), now everyone artikulálatlanul roars, only the latter three in fear , I'm still missing my sleep, something more than an observer, I am present narrator. One little girl somehow manages to kimenekülnie the house, a winter forest located in the middle of the whole, who saw the glow, it is easier to do imagine the scene, I saw not only scenes, and no, never read, but I know roughly what is going on, so it is only strong point, no clear indication, blah, blah, blah ... Back to the point, she begins to flee farther from the house, and I like the narrator, Commented that poor little girl just to escape it, because the forest telerakta medvecsapdákkal Charles, landmines, armed with rifles kötélcsapdával.

But the way of help but the police have been great forces searching the house, because it reveals the dark soul of Charles, and they want to save the family. Kutyugatás fénypászmák heard and seen in the loose snow. The little girl takes to the track. Then coincides with a steep slip into a ditch, but point to act as a drag lányismerősöm a German Shepherd and when you see the girl, immediately call the other police officers were also quick to come there because you have found one of the survivors. My friend already in addition to the lead dog, and he's got no lights seems to uniforms, I do not know what they wanted in the dream, especially as frequently as I used to see than a white raven, but now he was a jolly-joker character that the Explorer-saver.

Soon after, on the basis of the little girl says to find the house in handcuffs and Charles bracket the police, a female family members are given a coat of hot tea and cold winter. I've just departing back out of the woods when one of two police officers are stretched teniszháló trunk under the snow to find a leg. The body and leg lifts also belongs to the third sister's body is recovered, a very white frost frozen, sometimes purplish, the officer raises his head above the feet from everyone to see, and now that the case is solved, everyone is embarking on the outside of the woods again.

then one will see a hill (20-30 people), black coats, black Black-headed (that have a red star can be seen) Russian symphonic rock band, they look like some fucked-up dwarfs, and begin to perform some of the above categories of musical performances, this is like the police, so everyone stop and enjoy the MUSIC. Then I get bored after a while, and once again started to elvonulni, but then the Black-headed one of the ringleader, the conductor turns around, throws the inflatable léggitárját festival (it was the only one, the others were appropriate instruments) and the police is thusly:
- Wait , wait, you do not want anything else?
- No, now tired, we are going - including the police.
- Well, you do not want to lick something?
- DEEEE! - Cut it uniformly throughout the rendőrsereg.
- So what do you want to lick?

Then everyone started bekiabálni, the great chaos, all you could explain to someone the police were shouting:
- a big rough villanykörtéééét. When the rumbling began
elcsendesedni, then again, he said the ringleader:
- So you do not want anything else I can megnyalniiii?
The police remained shut up now, seemed to be reflecting on everyone.
- You do not want to lick a lááányt? - Black-headed spokesman asked again.
- DEEEEE! - Unanimously hördültek the police.
- láányt But what?
hatásszünet Again, everyone breaks the head.
- Well, a girl, she had no one lick you, ugyeeeee? - Said the Black-headed boss.
- IGEEEEEEN. - Broke out in cheers for the police (while one is still a dead girl swinging in the air at the foot of the reason, joy), and then I woke up to watafakk.


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