Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Causative Agent Of Yellow Fever

Hush here lately. Page visiting all of a sudden a few hundred regular readers, the author of the opieprza and does not produce anything new, team returns home, the ozone hole is growing ...

Editors justify a lack of new work temporary indisposition. As soon as sleep and credited a few items, you'll write something constructive. I praise

just a little bit. I came into possession of the receiver Unitra ZRK AT9100:

picture comes from the Unitra-Club .

amplifier is almost twenty years and a lot of scratches (one in the picture is in much better condition), but there is not even the slightest meaningful to compare the wording of the "towers" offered in supermarkets. Wonderful, hand-assembled by a parent, trzydro┼╝ne column perfectly capture every sound. From the gentle swing straight from the sixties through the harmonics on the bass in the style of Jaco Pastorius and vocals of Ella Fitzgerald, to the strong guitar riffs from Dream Theater. Columns, indeed, be fine, but it is already good. If anyone has such equipment in the house, the attic, in a cell at Grandma I encourage you to test and reading related to this subject because I want to take a little time and money. Robust, Polish production.

Finally, I will add that soon the new openSUSE - eleven. I'm looking forward (and even the counter I put a fat: D) \u200b\u200band strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with issue.


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