Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Clinical Death Drive Away Summer Session

yesterday held a meeting with a beer in the composition: Tom, Leon and the undersigned.

warm summer evening is an excellent time to consider the issues of life over a glass of Bison. The thing is, that one is not over and I was forced to go a much longer route to return home because of the constantly recurring problems with maintaining proper direction the march. Despite these difficulties, we arrived safe and sound, consuming (just me and Leo) along the way a great pizza with peppers, salami, onion and huge amount of cheese.

problem arose in the morning. Probably quaffed two liters of water, then went back to sleep. The actual occasion proved to be both accessible and I could finally enjoy the prospect of an afternoon to go to work.

Beer reminder of the evening, and only paracetamol tablet saved me from destruction. The moral of this story is that the next meeting with the guys will be as enjoyable and that you always need to carry a tablet of paracetamol. You never know whom you will spend the evening and how much of life issues will reinforce the desire. Pozdrowienia dla towarzyszy w "syndromie dnia następnego".


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