Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Average Price For Hair Coloring In A Salon

Day in the Life Agent

Tego dnia wstał wcześnie. Wziął pobudzający prysznic, założył ubranie, zjadł lekki posiłek i zabrał się za wyznaczone zadania. Czas upływał nieubłaganie, równo o 15:00. zaczynał pracę.

Z domu wyszedł przed godziną 14:00. Korki w całym mieście i fatalna komunikacja potrafią poważnie pokrzyżować każdy misterny plan. Tym razem udało się dotrzeć na miejsce tylko z jedną przesiadką. Ogromny, pomarańczowy wieżowiec zobaczył już kilka przystanków wcześniej. On the spot, it turned out that the lift does not work. He sighed and walked to the thirteenth floor. At the top he found a terrible scorching heat. Set to the correct air conditioning - a second week. He sighed, took the backpack shiny handset from Philips, signed up and waited for the first interview. The lady was polite, asked about the deal. He described the available products and asked to read information from the website. Then it was different: a few complaints, completely confused customers, new questions about the offer, the standard instructions.
's time for first break. Already reached after a pack of cigarettes but he remembered about the prospect of overcoming the thirteen floor staircase - in the office was not allowed to smoke. He hesitated. Or stay here and I will be counting minutes until the end of a break staring blankly at the monitor while roasting mercilessly, or give pleasure to enjoy first-class tobacco brand cigarettes hidden in the East, he thought.
checked whether the car rests in the pocket.
- Who goes to smoke? - He asked. One of the slaves of habit, who, after three hours finally came down was on a break, offered his company. Neither of them together again indulgence but yet it never occurred to them to deal with hundreds of degrees. Dive
went smoothly. After just a few minutes, cigarette embers crackled pleasantly as the smoke fills the lungs. They talked, as usual, about the work and the problems associated with it, customer and call center life. Every day there were the same topics, but somehow it does not bother anyone. Odgasili butts and wondered how can you go back to the top.
- Elevators are already in operation - they heard from the concierge at the entrance and sighed with relief.
- God exists - said an addict - and repairs elevators.
agent thought it was doing rather a mechanic but does not intend to share this proposal with a colleague.
then much more has happened. Standard talk, break, cigarette, glass of cold cola from a nearby store. Evening in the auditorium of boiling water and could be eased to withstand. Repair of elevators has improved significantly of all, humor. Again returned jokes, gossip, stories. Customers also have become more like a friendship. Only if a little less calling ...
- Damn I will! I've had enough of that! Another moment and we really hit me, damn it! - Sophie said. - Interpreters him as a child and he does not understand! I have to Finally, look for work ...
Nobody paid any attention. Similar words fell from her lips at least once a day for the past six months, but it did not bother anybody, everybody liked to Zosia for its friendly disposition. Need some advice, go to Sophie - we all knew about it. She was a woman who has undergone a lot in life and was able to draw conclusions of their adventures. After another dismissal (she had two children and was planning another) has become a teleoperatorem, and that anyone here does not interfere with maternal aspirations was.

About 23:00, talked back to the last callers who had trouble navigating the website. Although I had finished work, he was patient, polite. Exactly at 23:04 closed all programs, logged off and started getting ready to leave. He was tired, but the prospect of returning to his family added his forces. He ordered a taxi. He wanted to go home soon, he knew that there nacieszy to rest and what was the atmosphere that day. The end was such a day Christmas Eve and everyone is entitled to a bit of joy.


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