Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Long Does Mayo Keep In The Packet?

monasteries, churches and bars

decided to light up an example and write a post. One might think that it is the thousands of e-mails from readers, someone else that sent bouquets of flowers every week. Others say that the high concentration of Disco music in the nearby supermarket confused my senses. All of them are wrong.

last weekend of July I spent in Lowicz. She took me there a Lowiczanka, known from previous posts as KK. Persuaded me to do this a lot earlier and a total willingness expressed, but there were not enough time. Free for both weekend allowed us to finally push the delay in the bus and set off briskly in place.

City greatly surprised me after him entering, especially architecture. We went to the residence by a circuitous route, and I knew that KK has przechlapane because it will I had to bring in any interesting place. After a light meal, we went on tour. And so I saw the castle, Bzura (such a river), the shaft, the museum, the Old Market, New Market (one of three triangular markets in Europe - check it out!), Churches (worth a visit, the Baroque church Piarist XVII century), cathedral, basilica, monasteries (!), horse market, shopping streets. Lowicz gallery and a couple of shoe stores, because I did not take sandals. Tired of dinner and went back again to conquer the evening - this time a night - Lowicz. Any place where you can drink something at night or eat, are closed at 22:00 so nightlife is not extensive. Youth meet at New Market and doing something (I did not notice exactly).

znęcił second day of our sake, sunny weather. Bzura determined the way for limitless fields and fragrant grasses, but quickly proved that further travel may lead to stroke. Then coffee, lazy, beer and Monopoly.

most positive was calm. Silence, lack of aggression, though some people przyjemniejsi, better dressed women. But it can only tourist's delight, yearning for travel. Check it out for sure next visit.

Finally, let me add that the joint expedition led to the development blog. Both the author and the undersigned should be better applied to the faithful readers do not feel disappointed.

PS. KK, a0x - thanks:)


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