Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can We Take Fish Hunter Boat To The Ocean

Sunday will be for us

Today, with the team Drive Away, set to the rest of the tour was interrupted unexpectedly. This time will arrive in Walewice, where the team was successful last year. The guys are determined, is a bit of new material, is preparing an interesting evening.

No live music was reflected in my life, emptiness and sadness, so finally we have a chance slightly impair hearing organs. A lot of emotions gives direct involvement in what happens when one has the feeling that what flows from your speakers depends a little on you. I am counting on good hardware facilities and friendly atmosphere.

How will - I will try to tell. Until then, please hold the remotely crossed syndrome (especially for me because of the undersigned crashes with robots), or press the corpse in the car and enjoy live:

View larger map And no one wykręci that they do not know where they are Walewice:) Home at 20:00.


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