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Meeting on Immigration and Settlement in Passo Fundo

December 2, 2007

Meeting on Immigration and Settlement in Passo Fundo

the past ten years through the research line "Space, economy and society ", the Graduate Program in History at the University of Passo Fundo (UPF) will hold a broad movement to study the process of occupation, installation, consolidation, development and overcoming of colonial immigration and peasants, especially Italian but also German, Polish, Dutch, etc.., especially in the northern Rio Grande do Sul and western Santa Catarina and Parana. the Newsroom.

embarked on a revisionist perspective, such investigations, which deal with the economic spheres, social, political and cultural rights, are concerned to reveal the essential nature of migration processes and settlers, to contribute to better understanding of these realities and of their importance in general partnerships in which it developed, for besides his phenomenal record apologetic, often cutting ethnicist .

The systematic publication of investigations students and teachers has facilitated the consolidation of PPGH UPF-pole as reference in studies southerner immigrants. In this production, the highlights are works by graduates of the UPF as PPGH-The Law of Silence: Repression and nationalization in the state again in Guaporé [1937-1945] Claudia Sganzerla; va Odysseus in America: history, historiography and myth Italian immigration in RS [1875-1914], the Dils Corteze; sex, wine, and the devil: demography and sexuality in Italian colonization in RS [1906-1970], Ismael Vannini; Mountains that pierce the clouds ! Polish immigration in Golden, RS [1910-1945], Thais Wenczenovicz ; Memory and ethnic culture, Valter Rossetto; state, settlers and Indians: conflicts in reservation Serrinha , Joel Carini; Land Law and colonization in the Middle Upper Uruguay of Dablio Taglietti; The movement of the monks Bearded , Henry Kujawa; Barro and Colony Railroad in upstate of Gladys Wolf, published by Editora UPF, often in partnership with EST Editions.

An outcome of such studies and investigations on 13 and 14 November 2007, held the II Regional History Program Graduate History in the UPF. The first version of this meeting study occurred in 2006, with over forty participants, also at the Institute of Philosophy and Humanities at the UPF, coordinated by dr. Adelar Heinsfeld [], with the main focus of the political studies.

This time, under the coordination of the historians Mário Maestri, Juan Carlos Tedesco [] and Adelar Heinsfeld, the meeting had as its central theme "Migration, colonization and social movements", and featured more than eighty communicators , including well-known researchers on the history of immigration and colonization, as René Gertz [UFRGS / PUCRS]; Florence Carboni [UFRGS]; Mary Catherine Zanini [UFSM]; Isabel Gritti [URI], Claudia Sganzerla [UCS]; Renilda Vicenzi [UniChapecó] Leandro Di Gesia [Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina].

The opening ceremony of the conference was opened by Dr. José Fachel Pliny, Federal University of Pelotas, and Thais Jana Wenczenovicz , postgraduate and PUCRS at UPF, and on the impacts of the "policy of nationalization of the German community Pelotas, during the Estado Novo, and the history and historiography of Polish colonization of RS. The closing conference of historians were in charge Nilson Thomas, University of Contested, and Paul Zartha of Unijuí.

The Second Seminar on Regional History enjoyed the active support of the Center for the Study of Historical Linguistics PPGH-UPF, founded specially to organize, coordinate and encourage historical studies mainly related to migration, ethnic groups, mestizos, colonization and captives, etc.. Also under the coordination of the historians John Tedesco and Carlos Mário Maestri.

Mário Maestri, 59, is Professor of Graduate Studies in the History of UPF. E-mail:



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