Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Bornholm 2010 pictures from cycling trip 14.08 - 21.08 Saturday 7:00

According to local lore, caring ghost island is small and good-naturedly
looking troll called Kroll Bolle.

He lives with his family: dad Bobbarækusem, Bobbasiną mom and sister
Kroll-Borre Langebjerg in the forest, near the ruins of the castle Hammershus.

is a little gambler, płatajacym under cover of night - along with his entire family
- incessant pranks Bornholm hosts, but also a loyal defender
island. According to local legend, during the invasion of the Swedes
the island, a brave troll postraszył them so much that you turned back in panic
to Sweden. Currently

Bolle Kroll transformed into a symbol of the island and your favorite
youngest tourists visiting Bornholm (there are even delicious ice
named Kroll Bolle, although According to legend, the troll will
jelly bilberry) - and how nice of her memorial.

Let us, however, believe that Kroll Bolle still peeks
his watchful and caring eye of the island, its guests and its people .....


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