Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Barracuda Vs Shark Fight


THE POLISH UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS, the work was published in Poland in partnership with the Institute for Iberian Studies and Latin America. The same is divided into four chapters that describe various aspects of Polish migration and the latter is possible to appreciate historical photographs developed by renowned FotoRepĆ³rter / Photo Reporter Tadeu Vilani . Totaling 145 pages, bilingual version, the researchers Jerzy Mazurek, Marcio de Oliveira and Thais Jana Wenczenovicz, present a clear and objective evidence of some more now on the market editorial about this ethnic group.

From some records of time - work scenes, parties, family photos, house plans, churches, cities - and a narrative text, the reader will come into, contact with history understood as a process that says about the daily life of thousands of men and women who have moved overseas. Almost always very difficult task, since the research tools available in the various institutions visited are at times inaccurate. If some sets of documents were clearly related to the theme, others however, were the subject of intense consultation, in order to detect their relevance to the issue of immigration.

Throughout the nineteenth century, nearly two million Europeans settled in Brazil, swept away by political and economic problems that affected Europe during this period and attracted by the opportunity to occupy vast areas depopulated and provide manpower to the country. With an estimated over 1.5 million descendants in Brazil, the Poles have become a major influence on culture, arts, cuisine and Brazilian music, and finally the composition of the national society as a collectivity. These and other elements can be assessed during the reading of the work.

* Jerzy Mazurek, Institute for Iberian and Ibero-American University of Warsaw (Instytut StudiĆ³w Iberyjskich Iberoamerykanskich Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego i), Poland.

* Marcio de Oliveira is a PhD in Sociology from the University of Paris V (Sorbonne) and Professor of Social Sciences, Federal University of Parana (UFPR).

* Tadeu Vilani; studied photography at Senac de Porto Alegre (1994), chose a career as a photographer and began working as a freelance in the field of photojournalism. Collaborated with the newspaper Zero Hora, Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul Develops work personal expression in photography and documentation of the social environment of their region. * Thais

Jana Wenczenovicz, Lic. Integrated Regional History from the University Campus Erechim, Magister in History from the University of Passo Fundo and Ph.D. in history attended the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul Professor, University of Oeste de Santa Catarina, UNOESC.


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