Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Long Does A Brizilian Wax Last

Read it! Dominance

today I got an email from an old friend. Surprise me terribly because he is one of the last people from whom I expect the message. What's got? As you might imagine - a chain.

There was in him a few questions, so I opened a text editor (ignoring an order to use the same sheet of paper) and eagerly sat down to answer questions. And so in turn: first

Write the name of the person of the opposite sex.

second Which is your favorite color: red, black, blue, green or yellow?

third The first letter of your name?

4th Month of birth?

May 5th Which color do you like more black or white?

6th Name a person of the same sex.

7th Favorite number?

8th Do you prefer lake or sea?

9th Write request (possible to meet!).
k. .. Nothing a chain of more!

Dying of curiosity, I looked at the end of an e-mail and such here are the implications made by me led to the choice of answers:

first You love this person.
Christine is the name of a cat, which, yes, but like other emotions can hardly be said.

second If you chose / were looking for:
Green - Your soul is relaxed and you're at ease.

Jou Ziomoś nail piątala, zapodam skołować mahjong on the axle.

3. If the first letter of your name is:
AK - you have a lot of love and friendship you offer. Here

spun me in the eye and I decided to tear the award to buy a chocolate with nuts and raisins.

4th If you were born in
April - June
your relationship (emotional) is very strong, will last long but the memories forever.

If you read carefully, you will guess that the scope for another month waiting for me as sweet and bright future.

5th If you choose / Fort
Black: Your life will take a different direction, which will be very beneficial for you and you are very happy.

Dynamics substuktury black leads to reflection on the idea multidynamizmu czasoideoprzestrzeni the secondary unit changes the size, describing the effect of the intensity of black in the amplitude of requests zmiennolosowych, under the assumptions that are consistent with the third theory of universes coexist.

6th This person is your best friend.
do not know any of Stephen.

7th This is the amount of your close friends in your life.
And if my favorite number was 1356367?

8th If you chose / were looking for:

Lake: You are loyal friend and lover / iem.
One would think that the choice of the sea will mean a mistress in every port and missing teeth due to ill-calculated stocks of cabbage but do not:

Ocean: You are very spontaneous and like to please people.

9th This wish will come true only if when you send this email to 5 people in one hour. If you send it to 10 people meet up before your next birthday
Well, I'm doomed to chains for life.

persons, forming chains mostly driven by the need to cause confusion in the network. It is not only does a community effectively clogging the network with superfluous content and wasting resources. You might think "it's just a little mail, can not cause mass hysteria among ISP", but multiply this by e-mail at least five (see p. 5.) Persons and increase with increase in geometric ... He can do a lot and so it happens. Well over half the traffic is spam. For completeness I will add that my reaction, that this post, also generate network traffic and in a sense, online vandals target was achieved. Not to mention the readers, greedy downloaders kilobytes of data just because they do not Olala another chain, like all others, but I decided to speak. It's probably for the call zmiennolosowe ...

Łańcuszkom-STOP - Bez łańcuszków i spamu


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