Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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From the presidency of the bishop REPUBLIC: Fernando Lugo


denotes this last decade and win the election of several left-wing political leaders in command of several Latin American countries. Bachetelet, Chavez, Correa, Morales, and now Fernando Armindo Lugo de Méndez as president of the neighboring Republic of Paraguay.

Born on May 30, 1951, Lugo is descended from a humble family and born in São Pedro do Paraná, located the 400 km south of Asuncion. Also make up your history a childhood and youth full of difficulties, mainly because it is part of a family who was the victim of political persecution during the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989).

In the 1970s he entered the novitiate of the Missionaries of the Divine Word and, concurrently, did his higher studies in Universidad Catolica Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion , in the capital, where he later served as a teacher in Course of Religious Science. In the same decade was ordained a Catholic priest in August 15, 1977 and later moved to Ecuador to work as a missionary in the diocese of Bolivar, accompanied by Monsignor Leonidas Proaño (1910-1988), an exponent of Liberation Theology.

The 1980s reserved for studies in the Old World where he worked the area of \u200b\u200bspirituality and sociology at the Pontifical Gregorian University known. In the 1990s, more specifically in 1994, returned to Paraguay where was appointed bishop of the diocese of San Pedro, which is one of the poorest regions of the country. His appointment was made through Pope John Paul II which ranked as the element with Excenter formation and detachment to operate in an environment where poverty and misery that people made up the routine.

His performance with the popular strata and excluded the close of the thinker Frei Betto, Leonardo Boff and Dom Helder Camara. Their political and ideological options enabled him to be 'baptized' in the Guarani Tekojoja (which means "living among equals"). In 2004, without disclosing the reasons, the Church stepped down - indicating position as the title of bishop emeritus. " Oblivious to the criticism or possible sanctions from the Church, in March 2006, Lugo led the resistance movement Citizen, which brought together the main opposition political parties, labor unions and five more than one hundred associations and civil movements. That same month, was the keynote speaker for a protest demonstration against the government, convened by the Resistance Citizen, which brought together more than 30 000 people in front of the headquarters of the Congress.

After several assaults on the political scene and its appreciation against the Paraguayan population, on April 24, 2008 Fernando Lugo of Paraguay and religious leaders gathered to find a way out the situation facing the Catholic Church to have a bishop-politician, considering him the post of elected president of a country in South America even without exercising their religious activity, Lugo was still bishop in a country where the Constitution prohibits any minister of any religion, its chairmanship.

The July 30, 2008 , the legal guardian of the episcopate, Orlando Antonini gave the president-elect for the acceptance by Pope Benedict XVI, the resignation of Fernando Lugo to the state church. First bishop to be elected head of state in history, Lugo received a dispensation from Pope Benedict XVI historic, allowing you to exercise the presidency of Paraguay, from August 15, 2008. "The Vatican has granted the secular state to many priests, but this is historically the first time he does so to a member of the Church hierarchy" , which does not preclude the reinstatement in the future of Fernando Lugo to the church hierarchy, at the end its mandate.

know that the victory of the bishop of the poor "was due in large part to their actions in defense of landless peasants, trade unions and social movements which resulted in d Errota in the polls Party America South that had stayed longer in power and has received a license history of the pope.

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